Who you mad at?

People are so upset at the NFL. They are mad at the owners who don’t want the players to protest and seem even more upset at the players who don’t protest. Then, of course, we also have the fans who are boycotting mad at the fans who don’t and vice versa.

I get it but sometimes it feels as if that energy should be elsewhere. We have the dirty cops and their coworkers who never report anything that they see illegal who is partially the reason that Kaepernick was protesting. The members of the judicial system that seems to let these people get away with brutality. Also the elected officials and politicians in office. Contrary to popular belief this happened before our current President and while I admit he is terrible, so are a lot of these other elected officials and they need to be held accountable as well.

You know, out of all of the people mentioned only one group wasn’t voted by citizens into office, hired to protect and serve or have a job description that requires serving or have anything to do with citizens and that’s the NFL.

So I get the outrage and frustration. By all means get upset at some of the NFL owners and players for not caring about this issue but please remember that they are secondary to the real issue. They still aren’t the people out here committing these acts of violence. So make sure you have that same energy or know where most of your anger and frustration should be directed. Last I checked even when players kneel innocent people are still being murdered by police and in some, instances the police are not being held responsible.

Don’t get so easily distracted lol and stop calling everyone a “coon, sellout or Uncle Tom”. Especially when, if you really look in the mirror internally you may see similarities between them and yourself but I digress, enjoy your Sunday, whether you’re watching or not.

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