Tyrese taught me 

How many times have you seen someone “overshare” on social media? Better yet how many of you have been guilty of this?

Maybe you’re just frustrated or mad, someone pissed you off at work, or your significant other did something foul to you and you couldn’t hold it in and had to vent. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a person tell all of their business. Who cheated with who, who is really broke and sleeps on a futon, who has an STD, is bad in bed or whatever.

I get it, it’s a reaction. I do find it hilarious how someone can be so mad and enraged that they are about to beat someone up but composed enough to post that they feel this way on social media first instead of just beating the person’s ass but I digress. I’m not here to judge, just here to help.

This is who we are with our borderline narcissistic asses lol.

It’s not as if it’s anything new. I can imagine back in the day people overshared or told all their business. It was just on a smaller scale. So we just told people our personal details in person or on the phone and then whoever we told, they would tell someone else and it would spread that way. However, the main difference now is that we can’t even blame others for telling our business. Social media cut out the middleman.

So, who follows or has ever read a story about Tyrese on social media. To those that don’t know him he is an actor and singer. He was the bald-headed, dark-skinned brother on the Fast and the Furious movies. Not only is he an actor and a singer but he is also a chronic oversharer on social media lol. From his opinions on black women, life in general, issues with coworkers and now the situation with his ex and his child he is the epitome of doing too much and oversharing. I get being a celebrity and public figure. Hell, I get the saying that all publicity is good publicity but sheesh. This has to have cost him fans and money, it has to.

So as I sat back and judged him I had am “aha” moment. Like wait, bruh, you do the same shit Tyrese does. Noooooooo lol. Pot meet kettle. I have definitely had moments. Especially on Twitter and IG where something happened to me, I got upset and I typed it and hit send. Fortunately, most of the time I delete it and since I’m not really relevant outside of my small circle no one cares or really noticed. Also, there wasn’t any impact on my career or personal life. I did have a few women tell me that certain things that I post make them leery or turn them off or make me appear as mean but I feel like I was doing them a favor. Better to know me or at least think you know me and make an opinion. It saves both of us wasted time I guess.

Also when observing Tyrese, myself and others I have also noticed that a lot of things are only posted for attention and a reaction or response. Whether it’s someone announcing that they are leaving social media, announcing that they are upset or feel bad so don’t talk to them or me posting a video to get a laugh or a meme about the opposite sex or whether it is Tyrese posting about his beef with the Rock. We are all guilty of this.

So after doing some soul searching, I realized a few things. I need to do a better job thinking before I post things. Most of the things that I post no one cares about. They also may not be appropriate for the public. Also that I can share too much and that I’m someone’s Daddy lol, I need to chill out.

So I want to thank Tyrese for his actions. Especially this latest situation with his daughter and ex, sheesh. Sometimes it’s easier to see things that you are doing by looking at someone else do them. Hopefully, this dude get’s a clue because he is doing way too much. Then again maybe he has truly mastered the art of not caring about what other’s think of him, or is ok with acting this way. If so I am impressed and give him much respect and encourage him to keep doing it is entertaining. Either way, I can’t really judge you. Hell, I am more ashamed of myself that there is a side of me that is entertained by this dysfunction at times.

In the meantime, I am going to continue to chill out and scale things back. I can either internalize certain things or just post all this random stuff in my group chat instead lol.


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