I was doing my daily FB browse and I came across a post. A young lady wrote that in the movie Forrest Gump, Forrest deserved much better than Jenny and called her trash. I tend not to call people trash but I do agree that Forrest deserved better.

I understand that she was abused as a child and as an adult and that has lifelong effects but damn. She didn’t have to abuse Forrest too.

What I find amusing is that at some point or on some level as men, we all have been like Forrest. When I say like Forrest I mean a little on the slow or “stupid” side. Now, this slowness or inability to use common sense or logic is brought upon by our feelings for a woman who usually is no good for us. No matter what she tells us or any of our friends tell us we just have to have her and can’t leave her alone.

Stupid is as stupid does lol.

Let’s look at the parallels between what we have gone through and Forrest’s struggle.

Ever want more with a woman but you get friend zoned? Common sense would usually tell you to leave a woman like this alone but sometimes we just can’t seem to use common sense. So now you are out here in the friend zone waiting and hoping that something changes between you two. Trying to drop hints or subs on Facebook, maybe posting a meme or two on IG, whatever you think will help.

So here you are, much like Forrest who actually asked Jenny to be in a relationship and she said no. Despite the rejection, you stick around and you are always there for her. Even when we see her with other men who mistreat her we are still there for her and want more. Hell, poor Forrest beat up a guy who he saw hit Jenny, only to see her go back to the same guy within a few hours. Smh.

The blame, of course, can’t all be on the woman. I mean, she tells us that she only wants to be friends but we don’t listen or care. So we stay around, do favors and keep being persistent despite the constant rejection.

There is hope, however. At some point usually, we get to a stage where we seem to finally have it out of our system or reality sets in. Then she comes back around out of the blue and she gives us hope. She may say “who knows what the future holds for us” or tells you “maybe one day”. Things could also get physical between you two. Maybe a kiss or you almost have sex, or maybe you even have sex… only for things to go back to how they were before between you two. “We are better off as friends” lol. That’s exactly how things went in the movie. Jenny always knew when to give Forrest hope. She would tell Forrest she would always be his girl, kiss him, let him feel her up, have sex with him but eventually leave him… every single time lol.

Despite that pattern he always allowed her to come back.  “Because he loved her” lol. Oh boy, once you get to this sad stage a woman can basically do whatever she wants to do to us, no matter how egregious and we will always justify it somehow.

Then finally it happens. Maybe she sees you doing well. Maybe she is down on her luck and has nowhere else to go or everyone else has done her wrong or she finally got out of that wild stage (whatever that entails). Similar to the movie, once Forest was a millionaire and Jenny had nowhere else to go, she came back to Forrest and he didn’t hesitate in allowing her to do so. Hell, he even married her lol.

Maybe this is why the movie Forrest Gump was so relatable. At least it was for me, because well outside of him growing up in the south I really couldn’t relate to that man. Ironically my few “Jenny’s” lol yes I was even slower than Forrest, (I got played multiple times by multiple people) are still single but unlike Forrest, I eventually told them to kick rocks lol.

Then again I guess the silver lining is that at least for a brief period of time Forrest got what he wanted which was his “Jenny” and he seemed happy. So maybe he actually won in the end. Those few months of happiness made up for the lifetime of disappointment and all of those years chasing and hoping that things would work out between them. Let us also not forget that she also got Forrest shoes, hell I didn’t get ish from my Jenny’s lol.

Either way, I still can’t help but stop what I’m doing whenever this movie is on TV. FYI you should check out the book and sequel. They are much better than the movie in my opinion.

Oh yeah, and that wasn’t Forrest’s kid either.

5 Replies to “Jenny…”

  1. I gotta be honest: the best I’m gonna do is be a forest. There’s too much fuckers that lies beyond being like him


      1. I’m just at the point where now as I said on my blog, I’m tired of dudes who just trick essentially to get girls. People don’t get that I have very few but intimate relationships with women more than many shallow ones


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