See, this is what happens when you have too much downtime. You begin to do too much self-reflection and before you know it, you seem to have an issue with everything that you do.

During my self-reflection, I decided to take a look at my social media usage. I was doing way too much. Posting multiple selfies, multiple status updates per day, multiple snaps on snapchat and random comments on Twitter.

Did anyone really care how my day at work was going? Does anyone really care that I am at the gym? Does anyone really want to see what I ate for dinner? Do they really need to see my face every week?


So I follow 821 people on twitter and I am followed by 649. I have 444 friends on Facebook, I follow 651 people on Instagram and I have 358 followers. Oh yeah and I follow around 100 people on snapchat (I know all of these numbers because I am working on promoting my blog via social media lol) Hell, out of all of these people on all of these formats I probably only met or know about 150 of them. Out of that 150, maybe 10 to 25 are actual friends.

As I looked at the numbers I thought to myself wow. I’m not a math major but out of roughly 1500 people (some I follow on multiple social media platforms) that I interact with on a daily basis (meaning I either chat with online or read or view their posts or videos) I really only know 25 at the most. That’s less than 2 percent, didn’t realize how many of you were strangers. No wonder y’all don’t care lol.

I kind of touched on this in a previous post What does your IG say about you? but I wanted to go a little deeper. It was nice to admit some of my issues but I also needed to resolve them or make adjustments as well. So after this self evaluation, I tweaked a few things. I deleted around 500 plus posts from Instagram, including those workout videos (my “supposed” thirst trapping days are over lol). I attempted to delete all my tweets but that didn’t work, I stopped using snapchat so often and I decided to stop making Facebook my personal diary. I mean, I already have a blog lol, that is more than enough sharing.

Then something strange happened. My battery on my phone lasted longer because I wasn’t constantly on those apps anymore. My production was a little better because I had to use my free time more wisely. My mood improved because I was no longer sitting and constantly reading things that I didn’t agree with because they were either, ignorant, stupid or just flat out crazy… in my opinion.

It wasn’t all positive, however. Can we talk about my ego for a second? Nothing is more humbling than having a dry phone. All the fake attention that I was getting I now found myself strangely missing it. No more random snap messages or dm’s or “likes” or emoji’s on my posts. Hell, not even a “where have you been” message.

Lol and before you mention it, yes, I know that this is a big contradiction considering how proud I am of being introverted and a homebody and always claim that I do not like being bothered.

So as all of these thoughts entered my mind, a few questions popped into my head. How relevant are we? Like in the grand scheme of things? Better yet how relevant is social media in regards to our lives?

So let’s address this first question. How relevant am I? Well, I am not relevant. Outside of some friends and family that’s about it, and there is nothing wrong with that. That is how it should be in my opinion. Then in regards to my next question, how relevant is social media? Unless it is tied to your career or a hustle I imagine that it isn’t as relevant as we think it is. I once saw a woman with thousands of followers asking for money to get a plane ticket home. I also noticed that no one was really commenting on the post. Like, damn you have thousands of followers and no one is willing to help? Maybe they did, I mean there has to be at least one person who sympathizes with you but I doubt it.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so why do we give something that is so irrelevant so much power? It impacts our mood, creates conflict, causes depression, delusion and in some instances can lead to violence but why tho? Some people argue that it is an escape but is it really? I mean, once you log off whatever it is you are dealing with is going to remain. It is no different than drinking alcohol. Once you sober up it’s back to reality. I think about so many of us who are only rich, popular, happy, attractive and single lol on social media. That has to be tough. That also explains why so many people are devastated whenever they get exposed on social media. I mean damn, it’s bad enough that your real life is in shambles but now your fake one too?

That relevance is a double-edged sword. If we can acknowledge that social media relevancy is pointless why do we let it impact us on such a negative level as well? I mentioned it earlier but the opinions and comments of strangers who we will never meet lead to people feeling bullied, attacked, depressed, and sad. For whatever reason, some of us do not have the ability to separate or disconnect from these unsolicited opinions that mean nothing.

Crazy how that works.

So back to me, after this past week, I think that I have finally adjusted to the change. It is actually a good thing because when I do converse with my friends I have something to talk about. I don’t have to worry about them saying “I saw on Facebook” whenever I tell them a story or how my day went and I am less frustrated with people in general because I no longer sit and read their innermost thoughts.

Lol and I am not saying leave social media because it is fun as hell, but don’t get so caught up in it that you lose yourself or you allow it to impact your personal life.


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