He won’t talk to us

Apparently, a group of women at my job complained that I do not speak to them.

How old are we again?

It is not as if I am rude. I hold the door for any woman walking in, I allow them to exit the elevator before I do and I do my best not to stare at their butt or cleavage no matter how tight or revealing their attire may be.

Nothing special or to be proud of but at least I show common decency.

I just don’t see why people would have an issue with me speaking. Don’t get me wrong, if we cross paths I will acknowledge your presence and say hello or good morning but full out conversation? Asking how was your day is, about your personal life etc.? No, ma’am. It would be different if that was in my job description but it is not. Besides, it’s not conducive to my productivity in the workplace.

The hilarious thing is that I have my headphones on 80% of the time, which I thought was a universal sign not to talk to someone. Yet it does not deter people from speaking to me daily.

It’s not as if I don’t speak to everyone. I do converse with my boss and the members of my team daily but that’s about it. I also speak to the random coworkers who have somewhat gotten to know me due to another coworker. He was an old gay gentleman who used to sit beside me for a year and he would talk to everyone. After a few months they began speaking to me as well and even though he is no longer employed here, they haven’t stopped. So I guess this is a prime example of guilt by association. There are quite a few things that he is into or does that I don’t do, don’t assume people lol.

Outside of being a quiet person I do have my reasons for not speaking to everyone. First of all, I am a contractor that works on a yearly basis. As a contractor, it also means that at any given moment I could be fired for any reason. One of those reasons could be sexual harassment or maybe I get involved with the wrong coworker and when things go bad between us they get me fired? Hell, maybe someone male or female can get jealous and do something to sabotage my contract. Anything can happen so I prefer not to interact with anyone on that level.

There are also safety reasons. It seems to be quite a few women in relationships out here who act single on the clock and well, I am not about that getting “ran up on” life by an angry husband, boyfriend or baby father.

I understand the importance of networking and building professional relationships but that line can be so thin.

So I suppose that I will stick to being that quiet, tall, nerdy looking, rude guy who can’t dress well lol. As long as they add employed into that description I’m good.

Oh yeah, and the other reason that I don’t talk much is simple. I really don’t have anything productive or interesting to say so coworkers consider yourselves lucky, you haven’t missed out on anything.

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