“I’m difficult but worth it”

“I just want someone who won’t give up on me”

“A real one will pull me closer when I try to pull away”

“I just want someone who is patient with me”


We have to stop this shit. I get it, you have been hurt before, hell we all have been and it’s human nature to put walls up but damn. Y’all really out here expecting people to go through all of this just to be potentially be with you? Better yet if roles were reversed would you deal with it?

Y’all really be on that “My present is the present kiss my ass” Kanye shit sometimes.

Sounds like I’m going at you ladies, doesn’t it? Lol of course not, unless the shoe fits. As a matter of fact, this post is not gendered specific. Hell, as a man I have been guilty of this on multiple occasions. However… I can acknowledge and admit that it’s my fault and not blame everyone I ever dated or blame “this generation of bitter, selfish women and feminists”.

This is why I can’t be shocked that I am in my mid 30s and single if I didn’t give people much to work with. I also can’t sit and complain about not having someone when the harsh reality is that I potentially pushed a good woman away and never truly gave her a chance.

So there is no “She wasted my time” or “we weren’t on the same page” or “She wasn’t that interested” or “we weren’t compatible”… ok let me reevaluate that last one. Sometimes you just know that it ain’t gonna work and there is no need to wait or continue and see if it gets better. However, in hindsight, there have been instances where I may have been wrong.

Oh well, probably did them a favor lol.

So the next time you wonder why he/she stopped responding to you or your messages and why y’all fell off it isn’t always because they had someone else or because they are bad people. It’s probably because they are humans just like you and if you don’t give the same effort that you expect them to give to you, they, well if they are a self respecting adult will say eff this and move on.

So stop being fake shocked and take a little accountability, no matter how difficult that may seem lol.

Notice I didn’t say change how we are, see I am trying to meet y’all halfway, let’s just work on something as simple as acknowledging it first and then maybe we can work on changing our behavior. *Looks in mirror and shakes head at myself.

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