Cry me a river

I’m so tired of people posting statuses, blogs, and videos complaining about who people date or their preferences. Yes, I have been guilty of this before also, like when I wrote this post Too short … however, in my defense, I’m actually tall and this post wasn’t for me lol.

I used to think that maybe these posts were coming from a good space but I’m not so sure anymore. I think a lot of people who make posts like those are either catering to their audience, being divisive, upset and/or just lonely because no one wants them. Well, the people that they want do not want them at least.

I would see men make posts complaining about women wanting bad boys or men with money. Then they would use examples of famous women or models or posts that they see on social media.

Same with women complaining about men who prefer different races, women who are considered attractive by societies standards, hoes (their word not mine) and women who they think aren’t on their level intellectually. This was also usually based off of rich and famous men or posts on social media.

Perfect examples of these types of men and women that we seem to complain about and who we get compared to are any NBA or NFL athletes, actors, actresses, models, strippers, musicians or celebrities.  I honestly do not get why we identify with the rich and famous so much (can we stop with these celebrity relationship goals too while we are at it). Then there is the social media example. Of course, men and women will say they prefer or lust after men and women who are attractive, have six packs, big breast, and big butts, that’s normal. The same way that if you ask people their dream car they probably won’t say a Honda Accord. No offense to Honda but that just isn’t the norm. Lol and that is what people tend to forget, half of the things on social media are lies, dreams, people just running their mouth or just not real. That is why when you see pictures of people’s exes or the parents of their kid or who they are currently dating it rarely looks like the type of man or woman that they claim they want or deal with. This is why I take certain posts and comments with a grain of salt.

So back to those of you who constantly complain about these people I have to ask, why do you want who doesn’t want you? Why are you giving them or people like them all of that energy?

Let me guess, it’s an epidemic out here? All the normal good men and women aren’t being “chose”. News flash, your reality or perceived reality doesn’t apply to everyone. Maybe you should take a look at your surroundings sometimes. I know I do. I live in Washington, DC and half of the time I see couples and I think to myself “how did that happen”? Of course, that is just my shallow side speaking but my point is I see “normal” or less popular types of people in relationships all of the time, so something isn’t adding up. I bet if you really thought hard about it you could think of examples of people who you know may not look as good, be as smart as you or whatever who are in relationships too.

I’m all for people speaking about how our relationship choices or what impact these images of what we think are perfect men and women have on our kids. I’m all for that, but this woe is me, no one wants people like me, this is why we act this way or go broke or get surgery rhetoric that some of you spew? Stop it.

The irony is that the type of men and women you claim everyone wants are usually considered bad people. They are usually known for cheating, being money hungry and promiscuous, shallow and not loyal. All traits that the same people complaining about them claim to hate.

It’s amazing because there are women out there who like blue-collar men, short men, nerdy men, men who aren’t rich, and men who are nice. Just like there are men who like women who aren’t necessarily in shape, who have natural hair, who don’t have big butts, who are dark skinned, who have an education and who don’t give it up the first night ( I personally see no issue with that last thing but whatever works for you lol).

Maybe you don’t notice them because you are too busy paying attention to who everyone else is dating lol. Maybe it is because you are just as shallow and want the same type of men and women that you claim everyone else want’s too.

So maybe you need to do what you keep asking all of these other people to do. Change your preferences and stop being shallow. Start liking who likes you instead. Just throwing it out there. One positive is that it only takes one person to like you back. That can’t be that hard, can it? Good, now shut up and go find that person lol.


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