The ghetto gourmet

I really think that I should make a cookbook for single men. I mean there are so many of us out here. Contrary to popular belief it really isn’t that difficult to cook. Do not let society tell you otherwise lol.

Think about it, we have access to Google and YouTube which will show us the ingredients and will even show us how to prepare the meals. We also have cooking apparatuses such as Foreman grills, crockpots, the fry daddy and of course the traditional stove and oven.

I also think that food tastes better when you cook it… or at least you aren’t as critical of the taste because you put in that time or work. Hell, worst case scenario, if maybe it isn’t seasoned well enough you can just say that this is the “healthy” version of the meal. This is what I do whenever I mess up.

Speaking of health, I am currently on a health kick. I am doing this weird Paleo/no red meat diet. The paleo diet basically consists of what the cavemen ate. So meats, fish, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Sadly this eliminates most grains or carbs and dairy. So no bread, milk, cheese or rice. Sorry. Then we add no lamb, pork or beef which doesn’t leave many meat options.

This doesn’t leave many options but somehow I make due. Even with that being said, there are only so many ways you can bake or bbq chicken and I can only eat salmon or tuna for so long so I decided to make chili.

Usually, when I make chili, it consists of beef, tons of cheeses, crackers or cornbread on the side, peppers, onions, sour cream and a lot of beans. Since I am attempting to be “healthier” I had to take out the beef, cheese, crackers, cornbread and sour cream.

So that leaves me with beans, onions, peppers smh.

I refuse to do a vegetarian chili so I need to find a meat. I can’t do fish because that just seems wrong. I would do chicken but I just ate that yesterday. So you know what? I think I am going to make a chili with ground turkey. Why not?

So listed below is Calvin’s “healthier” Crockpot Turkey chili recipe.

Ingredients –

Virgin olive oil

1 pound of ground turkey


Sweet Onion

Green onions

1 can of Goya kidney beans

I can of Goya black beans

1 can of Goya pinto beans

Red, yellow and green peppers

1 can of diced tomatoes

1 can of tomato sauce

1 can of turkey chili



Seasoning salt


Chili powder

Cayenne pepper



Onion powder

Garlic seasoning

Onion seasoning

So here is a shopping tip, even though it costs more I always buy precut peppers, and onions if possible. I mean who has time to chop this stuff up, plus you may cut yourself.

I also prefer to buy anything canned with the pull off lid… kind of like you see on dog and cat food. I don’t like using a can opener and I don’t feel like the risk of cutting myself. Plus it makes things easier.

Directions –

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Get a frying pan and set the temperature around medium high. Pour some olive oil in the pan, just enough to almost coat the bottom of the pan. Season the turkey with a little seasoning salt and pepper and place it in the pan. Stir and let it cook until it is light brown, it is ok if it is still a little pink.
  3. Once that is done make sure you turn off the stove. Then you can either drain the pan or use a spoon with holes in it to transfer the turkey to your crock pot.
  4. Turn on the crockpot and set it on high for 6 hours, then pour a little olive oil in the bottom
  5. Transfer the turkey into the crockpot.
  6. Add the diced tomatoes.
  7. Stir
  8. Add all of the beans, after draining them.
  9. Stir
  10. Add all of the peppers, onions, cilantro, and garlic.
  11. Stir
  12. Add all of the seasonings, powders, and spices (I could give a serving size but I prefer just sprinkling it until I am satisfied).
  13. Stir
  14. Add the tomato sauce
  15. Stir
  16. Throw away all of the trash and clean up after yourself… you won’t feel like doing it after the chili is done. Leave out a few seasonings but put the rest away.
  17. Sample the chilli every few hours, stir and add more seasoning each time if you think you need it.
  18. Once it is done, power off and unplug the crockpot.

So there you have it, this is Calvin’s “healthier” Crockpot Turkey chili recipe.

I was going to suggest this meal as an idea to maybe impress a young lady because I have noticed that a lot of women are impressed by simple things such as a man being able to clean up after himself or cook. I swear the bar is so low at times lol. However, after giving this some thought I am not going to suggest this would be the meal to cook. What’s the saying? Beans, beans their good for your heart, the more you eat the more you f…. lol smh. Your stomach’s reaction to the combination of those beans, peppers, and spices may be a mood killer if you are cuddled up and getting close with the young lady you are interested in later that evening. So don’t make this for her. However, if it is just you this is something easy to make and should last you at least a good 3 days. I know I can get at least 6 lunches and 6 dinners out of this chili.


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