Smile for me 

I agree.

Fellas help me understand, what benefit do you get from telling a random woman that she should smile? This question was posted on Facebook and the responses from men were interesting. Many men claimed that they do it as a way to be positive and to uplift women.

This response shocked me because all of these years I just thought that this was just a pickup line by men. Maybe I was wrong?

Hell, it lowkey comes off as kind of bossy or demanding.

Like, do you really believe telling a woman who you do not know, have no idea whats on her mind, don’t know what she has been dealing with to smile will make her feel better? What if just a smile doesn’t fix things, then what? Are you going to do something else for her? Better yet, since you are in the business of uplifting strangers do you do the same to men who are frowning. Just walk up and be like, “smile my brother” or “be happy king” or whatever terminology you use.

Help me understand, shit, I’m trying to uplift some women too lol.

Maybe just speaking or telling someone to have a nice day would be a better idea. Better yet, try not to ogle or look at her ass as she walks away or here is a novel concept, treat the women you actually know with respect and interact with them much better. That is also a way to uplift women and probably more effective, lol.

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