I read people well…

“I can read people, pretty quickly”, “I’m a good judge of character”.

Single men and women say this yet they always end up somehow picking the wrong person. You can read people but you picked a liar or a cheater. Wait, let me guess, they put on a front and this is why you were unable to see who they really were?

You know, that’s rude of me. Maybe you are a good judge of character or read people well whenever you aren’t interested in them romantically. Yeah, that’s it.

I must admit that I hate when women who may be interested in me make statements like that in regards to me. They will be like I read your blog, or I see your tweets and IG posts and now after texting and brief conversation, I think I have a good idea of who you are. Lol, maybe this is why so many people assume I’m mean or an asshole.

Lol, glad the people who actually know me don’t think this way sheesh.

Sometimes we really overestimate our abilities in regards to “reading” people. It’s as if we are in such a hurry to find that person and click that we don’t necessarily take the time to get to know them. So when you add this foolish confidence that we have in regards to reading people, along with our eagerness to rush and find our partner, then sprinkling in a few minor things in common, physical attraction, good sex and Boom! It’s a wrap.

No, you will never fully know someone, that is impossible but still. There are at least some things that you should know about someone before entering a relationship with them. Don’t ask me what those things are lol, they will vary from person to person.

I get the rush though, we all hate wasting our time. I also understand that there are some financial and sexual risks that happen while people get to know each other as well. Some people say they wasted money and others may claim that they wasted pussy lol. I hear you but this is how it goes from time to time. Maybe spend less and hold off on the sex? I don’t know, but what I do know is that everything has a risk, at least anything worth having.

So do me a favor, ask questions outside of what’s your favorite color, food, or why didn’t your last relationship work, etc. Get to know each other shit. Just thinking you can read people without really getting to know them well is just lazy and more often than not leads to failure.

So I have heard lol. This is also why sometimes we miss out on people. We think we have figured out who and what they are and have already decided that it won’t work. Now that I am really great at lol.


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