Cut off game strong…

Why is it that people who are so quick to brag or tell you how quick they are to cut someone off or don’t have the patience to deal always seem to be the same ones complaining about people not being patient with them or showing effort when obviously they don’t either?

Long ass sentence huh?

No this isn’t a pot meet kettle moment lol. While I do write about my ability to “let people go” it’s not in a bragging manner. In fact, it is a character flaw that I am aware of and can’t seem to change despite many efforts. It’s basically me saying, “I’m effed up, here is why, these are the results, learn from it, and don’t make the same mistakes I made”. Which also happens to be one of the reasons I write.

Also, I would never ask or expect another person to do something that I myself couldn’t or wouldn’t do. That would be hypocritical and selfish of me. So while I am a lot of things, those two don’t apply lol.

I see people post or brag about the ability to cut people off daily and I often wonder why? My first thought is why do you feel as if this is a positive trait or something to brag about? Hell, I’m going to question your judgment just because it seems as if you continue to deal with people who you actually have to cut off. Are you just that bad at picking or judging people before letting them in your circle?

It’s almost like you run a pro sports team, maybe football. You happen to be the Owner or maybe even the General Manager or Coach. You draft and trade for players but your team keeps losing and underperforming so you have to continue trading and dropping people from your team because you keep losing. That will work but at some point, people are going to look at you and think “hmm maybe you are the problem”.

My bad for the sports analogy, it sounded smoother in my head than when I typed it lol.

So yeah, let me get back on track. So it’s easy or “cool” to just reject or get rid of someone? Maybe I’m just wired differently. I actually hate doing things like this. Maybe it’s because I had to fire people before in a work environment and it wasn’t fun but yeah, no fun whatsoever. I guess it’s easier to cut someone off if they are doing something egregious or very harmful to you but how often does that happen? More often than not I notice that the people who do the most disrespectful and malicious things are usually the hardest for some of us to cut off. Like the abusers, cheaters, liars, and users.

Go figure.

So let’s see. His/her convo was dry, they asked for a contact pic, she flirts too much on social media, he always asks wyd via text, she talked too much and always gives unsolicited advice, too short, too fat, etc… we all have pet peeves or small reasons to cut people off. Which is fine, it is your right as an adult to do so.

Lol, but why do we brag and broadcast this “ability”. Is it to show off to our friends and followers? Maybe a warning to people who may be interested in us? Hell, maybe we are trying to give a blueprint or hints to the person we are feeling? (I can’t be the only one who notices this?)

Ok, so let’s take a look at the bigger issue. Why are we such hypocrites and why do people fear or act allergic to reciprocity? I’m not going to post the definition like I usually do. I’ll just give my version. Reciprocity is basically being able to give what you get or expect from someone else. It also reminds me of the golden rule, “do unto others…” Does that work?

It’s frustrating because there are people out there who will openly admit how difficult and hard to love or closed off they can be. Yet in the same breath complain and wonder why they have no one and will also add the caveat that they will not tolerate a partner who is the same way. Basically saying yes I am hard to love and yes I know I should make changes but I’m not, instead I need someone who is willing to put up with my B.S. ways and be happy with that.

You want a partner or a victim? Wait let me guess, you are difficult but worth it?

Y’all are making my head hurt just thinking about this logic. I’m done on this topic, I’m going back to sleep, have a great Friday.

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