Trump is Hip Hop

How many of you love rap music? I know I do, however like some movies and tv shows it has some negative connotations as well. The glorifying of drug and alcohol use, vulgar lyrics, the promotion of violence, the materialism, the misogynistic lyrics?

I get it, it’s just entertainment and it doesn’t have that much influence does It?

I can’t even front, sometimes when I hear Trump speak or hear accusations about him I often think to myself he could be a good rapper. No real substance, lies, brags about material things, is vulgar as hell, talks about money, and we all know how he feels about women. Also in both instances, they both seem to cater to their perceived fan bases. I’m just saying, he fits the criteria.

This post is not to say that all rappers and Trump are the same. Well, there are similarities but there is obviously a different responsibility and expectation from entertainers and politicians.

Before I continue let me make this clear. This isn’t even a let’s blame rap for societies ill’s post. Because to be honest that’s played out and lazy. Women were disrespected, violence was happening and drugs were an epidemic way before Rappers Delight or even DJ Kool Herc.

Now often times I do question what responsibility do these entertainers have to their community. I also wonder what impact the lyrics and lifestyle in hip-hop have on the lives of people. Like is it really that powerful? Do you think that some people do drugs and alcohol, womanize, have negative views, commit crimes and violent acts because of the lyrics of their favorite rapper? Is it that powerful and influential?

I’m a conspiracy guy so of course, I believe that there is some minor impact. At times it can reinforce certain things. The subliminal messaging and the power that it has if people receive the message daily. Hell, this not only applies to music, this applies to the negative and possibly fabricated stuff that they show on the news and TV in general.

Oh yeah and before I continue let me also say this, not all hip-hop falls under this negative umbrella. In fact, there are soooooo many positive rappers and music out there that people listen to daily as well.

So yeah, what do y’all think? I saw this tweet this morning and it made me think.

Sometimes it’s more about who delivers the message instead of what the message is I guess?

Hell, maybe this doesn’t even make sense because we are comparing apples to oranges. Comparing the leader of our country to a genre of entertainment could be a Giannis Antetokounmpo or “Greek Freak” type reach lol.

So let me rephrase. I guess I am asking should we keep the same type of energy that we have towards Trump and apply it to anything that we consider negative or potentially harmful to the community or is it ok to separate and say things like “it’s just music or movies or tv”?

Who knows?

I imagine that we all can prevent some of this by letting our, or better yet reinforcing positive thoughts with the youth? Letting them know what is right and wrong, real and fake? I know it worked for me growing up but I had way less programming than kids do now. My parents monitored the people I hung around, the radio and TV. Kids now have tv, radio, internet, social media and other kids. Oh yeah and even with all of the monitoring by my parents I still did stupid ish and sometimes let negative influences get to me. It’s funny because now I take that same approach with Trump. I tune a lot out and just believe that no matter who is in office, you still have to grind and keep focused.

Hopefully, you can answer this and all the other questions I asked amongst yourselves because I have no idea what the answers are. I do know that it’s 3:54 AM and I’m getting sleepy again so I’ll stop my post here.


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