Some NFL fans are funny… I am speaking specifically to those who happen to be African – American. We find out that the league was hiding the severity of concussions for years and we watched. A league who had to be forced to interview black/minority coaching candidates with the Rooney Rule but we still watch. Hell, Colin Kaepernick kneeled to bring attention to police brutality and was black balled by the league and we watched. Players were threatened/bargained with by owners and the President himself about taking a knee or protesting during the anthem but we still watched.

Then the New England Patriots made it back to the Super Bowl and now people are mad and threatening to stop watching if they win again.

Lol, stop it. All of these things going on in that league and this is your breaking point? I swear.

Every single year it seems that if either your favorite team doesn’t make it or the Patriots are in the Super Bowl the NFL is “rigged”.

So was it rigged when your favorite team won? Lol, better yet why are you continuing to watch a sport that is so corrupt?

Y’all are funny and full of it lol. Not sure why you want to lie to yourselves. At this stage football is damn near like a drug to some of us. You can’t quit or give it up, you’re addicted. Is what it is but y’all got it. Whatever works.

I get it, they cheated before but news flash, they aren’t the only team who does it. They just got caught. So it’s time

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