Movie date…

With Black Panther hitting the movie theaters I have noticed a substantial amount of think pieces, memes, and statuses about this movie. So eff it. I’ll add my two cents.

I’m not going to get as deep as some of you have. No post on the power of the black dollar, no commentary on the portrayal of blacks in movies, not even going to comment on the strength or role of black women in the black family or society (shouldn’t have taken a movie to figure that out but I digress). Not going to determine that if you like a certain character it means something about you as a person and your beliefs. I actually saw a post describing Killmonger as a misogynistic, ashy, hotep, who is like most cishet men lol. Well alright, tell me how you really feel. You will not get anything that deep from me, mainly because I have yet to see the movie and even if I did, I seriously doubt I would write on these topics because y’ all already have it covered and to be honest, all I see is another comic book movie. Besides, I’m in a goofy mood so I’m going to write about something else, movies and dating.

Movie dates are a bad idea in my opinion, especially if it’s early in the dating process. They just seem pointless. You can’t, well you shouldn’t converse during movies so that kills the chances of conversation… which may not necessarily be a bad thing lol. For the purpose of this post, I am going to say that it is a bad thing. Then there is the main reason that I don’t like going to movies as a date, watching movies with some women suck. At least it has sucked watching with my Mom, sister, nieces and the women that I have dated over the years lol.

The funny thing is that I’m not really a movie buff. As a matter of fact, the last movie that I actually went to a theatre to see was Fences and that was a year ago. These movies end up on television so quickly I know that I’ll see them eventually so no rush, plus have you seen how expensive popcorn and candy are? Watching at home makes more sense.

So back to my other point, here are my top 4 reasons that I am not a fan of going to or watching movies with women.

1. The outward and constant lusting over actors. I am not a jealous man at all. I understand that there are millions of men more attractive than myself and I understand that women aren’t blind and find them attractive. With all of that being said this is what we aren’t going to do… well I’m not going to sit and listen to you just go on a rant about how fine someone is or listen to you constantly make noises or comment about them. No, ma’am. Perfect example, I took a date to see Best Man Holiday years ago. The entire movie, whenever Morris Chestnut came on the screen my date kept making noises and saying how fine he was. Every single time. It got so bad I told her that if she kept it up Morris was going to have to take her home. Now was I going to leave her there? No, but it was the principle lol. I was so annoyed I went home and watched Boyz in the hood, just so I could see Morris Chestnut’s character Ricky get shot and killed lol.

2. The talking, especially asking me questions about a movie that we are both seeing for the first time. This happens all of the time. Like, if it is my first time seeing a movie also how in the Hell am I supposed to know what’s going to happen? Just be quiet and watch the movie and we can discuss after. Sheesh.

3. If the movie paints men in a bad light we all are bad and somehow women’s moods get impacted. The last time (as I mentioned earlier) I went to the movies was to see Fences. That was a year ago (lol told Y’all I’m not a movie person). It wasn’t my idea to watch this movie but what the Hell, Denzel is in it so it has a chance to be good. This was a bad idea. As soon as Denzel cheated on his wife my date got upset and by the end of the movie, she was telling me how men weren’t shit and she was really acting upset. My date literally went on a rant about men, cheating and it eventually led to her telling me what she been through in her life and how men can’t be trusted. Meanwhile, I’m thinking to myself it’s just a movie, it’s not that serious, relax.

4. If women are painted in a positive light now all women are this way and I have to hear how this applies to the woman I happen to be dating.

“See how strong Mia was and held the family down despite knowing she was dying in Best Man Holiday…that’s how women are, that’s how I am”. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, ma’am, I just saw you almost have a panic attack because you had a paper due for class, so forgive me if I question your ability to remain composed, handle stress and pressure like that fictional character in a movie.

“You see how Rose stayed with Denzel in Fences despite him cheating, that’s how we as women are, we are loyal and stay with y’all even when we shouldn’t”. Meanwhile, I’m thinking this being loyal when you shouldn’t be “thing” is stupid and not a good trait to have anyway and I was also thinking to myself, why are you lying? You were just about to stop talking to me a few weeks ago because some woman kept leaving heart eye emojis under my pics lol. Pretty sure cheating would be a deal breaker for you as well. Hell, if you get bored or feel as if I am not giving you enough attention you would probably leave me too, so spare me the character comparison.

So yeah, unless I’m damn near in love with you or I’m hoping that you may “try something” *cues porn music* in the movie theatre or I know our conversation sucks but I still want to be physical there is a very slim chance I’m going on a movie date with you, nope, can’t do it. I have learned my lesson.

I wonder how many of you have gone on dates to see Black Panther? I’m going to see it in a few weeks but I can only imagine the commentary during the movie with your date or significant other. After seeing so many women post about wanting to go to Wakanda cuz of the men in the movie… yeah, much respect fellas lol.

So yeah, I hope that you not only enjoy the movie but you take positive things from it. I actually enjoy the fact that this movie is making people talk, think and have feelings. This is what all good movies do and I will be looking forward to seeing it sometime soon… by myself.

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