Psst, your insecurity is showing

Smh fellas we have to do better. In the past few weeks with the release of Black Panther and the release of Safaree’s nudes, women’s thirst levels have been at an all-time high lol.

Don’t let this make you get into your feelings. I literally saw some men complaining, Hell, even asking women about dick size and what was acceptable lol. So much so that these idiots were actually posting it on twitter.

Lol, why does it bother you so much when women do things like this? Especially when it isn’t your woman.

I imagine it can be annoying to some of you and this may be a surprise but women are going to find other men attractive and they are going to talk about it. Apparently, they will also lust and marvel at the size of men’s penises if they think it’s big. I know you unsolicited penis picture senders are in an uproar but this scenario was different, someone leaked it. So maybe you should take the same route if you feel so inclined lol. Whatever works I guess. So back to the women’s reactions, I imagine this is similar to what we do when we see a big butt or breast as men.

You know, if it was your woman I could understand some slight jealousy. Hell, I once stopped talking to someone because she was on Idris Elba’s dick so damn hard. In my defense that wasn’t the only reason we stopped talking but it damn sure helped. Lol, but she was really on this man’s nuts hard. Like, damn near talking about him more than me daily lol, making fake couples pics, posting them on social media and everything.

With all of that being said these women on social media aren’t your girl though. So why are you mad? All it screams is insecurity and stupidity smh and even worse, now everyone else knows about it. What is even worse is that a lot of these women aren’t going to give you the time of day anyway. More often than not they never interact with you, never even followed you back and if you did ever have a conversation it was them politely saying thank you or “lol” when you gave a compliment so take the hint. They don’t care about you or want you bruh.

You have to just take these things for what they are. People like what they like and well more often than not they are going to like and lust after these celebs. These women did it, your momma and aunts did it, Hell your Grandma did it. Willing to bet she would have “yassssssssed” over Billy D. Williams or whatever old dude or R&B singer they liked back in the day if social media were around. Besides it’s cool because I’m going to do the same over all these women who look and are built thick and post half naked pics on social media. They aren’t even famous and hell, depending on your timing, their other hustle, desperation or rent being due you may be able to do more than just like a pic 🤣 hint, hint.

Fellas, when you comment things like “she only like him cuz he rich” or “he don’t want you” it’s just as worse, insecure and annoying as women complaining when men thirst over pics of women and they say things like “her body ain’t real” or “she don’t want your broke ass” lol.

I look at things like this as a win and even more proof that men and women are very similar. It kills the narrative that men are the only shallow ones lol. I mean people are out here making statuses and asking for links to see these men or leaked pictures. So, fellas, I suggest you remember it and use it to your advantage. So the next time she complains about you liking an IG models pics back to back to back to back and how those bodies are unrealistic remind her no one said a damn thing when you were posting about going to Wakanda ( fictional place lol) or talking about how fine the actors in the movie Black Panther were or social media asking for links to see dick pics. Even better if you are so inclined you can tell her, you really think these rich dudes with all of these options wanting you? Be real lol and if she says “I am just admiring innocently, I’m never meeting them” you can say that is the same thing that you are doing when you like these women’s pictures lol.

Like Ghostface Killah said in Never be the same again “It’s alright ‘tho, maybe he came up with the right dough
Bigger dick, I don’t know…” lol. Of course, this isn’t exactly the same context as what this post about but my point is that there will always be richer, bigger, better looking, more popular men out there. Is what it is. That doesn’t mean that it should impact how you feel about yourself or be insecure. Hell, to some women you will be considered bigger and better than others lol.

I get it, we have an ego and sometimes our masculinity can be a little on the fragile side and we want women to like and want us but damn. Don’t be that guy, don’t do this insecure shit lol.

Just think about it this way. The odds of these celebs wanting these women are about the same as the odds of these women that you lust after online wanting you. Hell, it’s probably safe to say that the odds are even greater. So take this time to quietly laugh at their thirsty asses for a change lol. Besides, they do this ish every week, aren’t you used to it by now?

Let’s go back to the IG model scenario. Look at the type of women men thirst over compared to who they actually mess or deal with? It’s rare that people’s fantasies match up to their realities. Lol, same applies to these women. There is a good chance that these rich or famous or in shape men aren’t going to want them either. So no need to get mad or upset. Scroll on and let them have their moment, there is nothing wrong with having a fantasy every now and then.

Oh yeah and since apparently “penis envy” is a thing. I get it, fellas, some of us apply our worth to the size of our genitalia, hell some women do it too lol. The same way some of us may apply a woman’s worth by how she looks or is built. So to you men who may have this struggle if she has an issue with the size of “it” tell her to take that up with God, not you lol.

I guess that I can understand how some of you may feel as if women are lusting after these men because they are rich or famous or whatever. Yes, I heard that Michael B. Jordan lives with his parents and likes anime, maybe things that you yourself were curved over. I also get that Safaree has been called a lame and corny, also things that some of you have been curved for. Guess what, you are looking at things wrong, you aren’t them and this isn’t probably why you were curved. Instead, this should tell you that if women like you they will overlook things. I mean for every Michael B. Jordan and Safaree there are women with the same energy for men who may be unemployed, facially challenged, short, fat, have a criminal record, corny, boring, etc. Yes, those men are being picked too. maybe not on the same level as the celebs but someone seems to want them.  Sooo yeah, let that hurt go, let these women and men flourish and figure out and fix whatever it is that is making you take so many losses and be so insecure, please? I promise you that this will make life much easier if you do. Lol, or at least learn how to fake it and not react, damn, you are making men look even worse smh.



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