Are movies the new parents?

With the recent release of Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time, it’s good to see African Americans portrayed in a somewhat positive light or at least as someone strong in movies. Hell, it’s just good to see Black actors working lol.

In regards to reviews and commentary on movies I honestly haven’t heard anything negative. However, I saw and heard a few comments that left me scratching my head. I’m not even going to get in on the million think pieces again lol, Killmonger and his misogyny, trusting women etc. He was a villain somewhat, what did you expect and I don’t need to see a fictional movie to know that you should trust some women lol. Instead, I want to address comments like these.

It’s always cool when the former First Lady of the country chimes in on anything but is she putting too much on it? My nephew who is 8 saw the movie and now he wants to fight and be a superhero. The same way he wanted to be one after watching any Avengers movie. Will his Mom be able to motivate him and say “Black Panther always did his homework” whenever he doesn’t want to do his work? Maybe? I don’t know.

Then we have the second post. Your daughter is having self-worth issues and you think this movie helped? Damn, imagine what a psychiatrist could do. Lol that is wrong of me and I am making assumptions and I’m not sure what he has or hasn’t done for his daughter but isn’t that kind of the parent’s job? Not some movie, tv show or celeb?

I used to always hear my older relatives and older people say “Y’all letting TV raise them, babies”. As a matter of fact, it was probably 20 years ago or so when my cousins were always sitting watching Barney the purple dinosaur. They watched the show so damn much they would impersonate the voices and throw temper tantrums when they couldn’t watch the show.

Now we fast forward to now. With all of these kids channels, Nick jr., noggin, Disney, etc. With the internet and creation of tablets, there are so many things for kids to watch and keep kids occupied and even more important quiet and out of the damn way. It’s so convenient. I get it, I damn sure used to do it with C3(Calvin III) when he was younger.

So while I get all of that there is something we can’t forget. At the end of the day, it’s still our job to instill certain things into our kids like self-worth, confidence, and love, not a damn movie. Not even being on some preachy I’m a great father thing because I’m not. I do the best I can but yeah, I’m not winning any awards but still, we can’t allow outside influences to raise our kids.

I remember my biggest influences and heroes being my parents. My Dad worked, provided, and could do sets of 50 push ups so in my eyes he was the man. Lol, it didn’t take much to impress me. He along with my Mom taught me so many things that still apply to my life and I appreciate it. Even though some may argue I still ain’t shit I do have my moments at times lol.

Of course, this is not to say that media and tv don’t help influence us because they do. Gone are the days where you can control everything your kids watch. Back in the day, my Dad would tell me what’s real and what’s fake on tv and every time something inappropriate came on tv he would send me to my room. We can’t necessarily do all of that anymore, hell, one false click on YouTube and even with monitors and filters, your kid could see something that would traumatize them. However, we still can control or help them understand things a little better.

Please find a balance.

I also know that I’m not as fortunate as others to have both parents active in their lives daily so I get how movies like these can have an impact and I respect that. I just want us as parents to not let movies and Hollywood do what we should do because as we all know, Hollywood and celebrities will disappoint us more often than not and then what? Just something to think about, I hope all of you go out and support these movies by the way.

Oh yeah and sometimes it’s not that deep. A movie is just a movie lol.

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