Have any of you ever pursued someone who either acted uninterested in you or flat out told you they weren’t interested?

It could be for many reasons, they didn’t like you that way, didn’t find you attractive or maybe just weren’t in a good space to date. Whatever the reason what made you continue to pursue?

Was it because people are taught to go after what they want no matter how difficult? There are hundreds of cliches you could throw out there so I’ll spare you, I’m sure you know and have heard them all. Lol, maybe I should blame TV. The Steve Urkel’s and Monique’s pursued Laura and Professor Oglebee relentlessly and eventually got them.

This ain’t a tv show though.

I get shooting your shot, Hell, you can’t score if you don’t shoot but damn, go find another basket or something lol.

It’s like people feel like getting curved is worse than getting their time wasted or used.

I see men who continuously pursue women who curve or only hit them up when they are bored. Then eventually the guy begs so much and will either do a favor for them or take them on a date only for them to get friend zoned or ignored. Then I will see the same man post how women are gold diggers or only like bad boys or nice guys finish last or some BS.

Same with women. You talk to the guy who barely hits you up or maybe yall never go out on dates maybe its just sex or hanging out. Lol, and every time you mention a relationship or something exclusive he tells you lets just let things flow naturally and see what happens or maybe he will flat out tell you no. Of course you won’t care but eventually, reality hits you now you are mad and want to complain about fuck boys and having your time wasted.

So, why do we do this BS? After giving it much thought I have come to the conclusion that it’s our ego. Cues Beyonce and Kanye – Ego remix*

That has to be it right? I mean what else would possess you to think that you are so great that you can change the mind of someone who has outwardly shown or told you that they have no interest in you? I don’t care how great of a catch you think you are or how ready you think you are to be a “power couple” lol, that doesn’t mean they are going to be with you. Just because you want someone it doesn’t mean they want you back. I’m willing to bet that on some level it’s not even about wanting that person anymore for some of you, instead, it’s your ego. The thrill of the chase or some conquest you must have at all costs.

It’s funny how we can be so caught up in trying to get that person we ignore all red flags and justify certain behavior. He/she isn’t an asshole, they just have a wall up because they have been hurt before and once they gain my trust they won’t treat me like they did everyone else. He or she is just a very busy person, that’s why we don’t talk as much and I always have to reach out. Lol, or they won’t do whatever it is that made their other relationships fail with me because I am a better man/woman than their exes were, etc.

You know I get the power of positive thinking and speaking things into existence but damn. This is exactly why so many of us fail and put energy where it shouldn’t be. Dumb ass ego. Then if you are fortunate to get that person there is a good chance the relationship will feel one-sided or like that person is taking you for granted, or better yet that person may cheat because they aren’t really feeling you like that anyway. The funniest thing is asking a man and woman why they are with someone and one of the first things they would say is “well, they were persistent” or “they wore me down” lol.

So do me a favor, people turn that ego off sometimes. It usually does more harm than good. I don’t care if you always get what you want lol, sometimes what you want is not what you need. Yes, he or she may seem like a good catch or attractive and someone that you “deserve” but if they aren’t feeling you, you only “deserve” to get taken advantage of. I get it, yes it would be nice that adults have self-control and not take advantage of people. However, when you constantly offer people things just for their time, whether that be food, money, gifts or your body everyone won’t always say no. I mean I will but that’s because well I am a stubborn ass man and hate the feeling of owing people things or having them hold things over my head but this post ain’t about me lol.

So yeah ladies and gentlemen start taking the hint, get your ego out of the way and give that time and energy to someone who actually likes you back.

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