Protect your peace

So I checked out the Chris Rock comedy special last week. It was pretty funny, not hilarious but funny. Hell, tbh it reminded me of conversations that I have with my friends. It honestly felt like one of my older friends just talking to me about his life.

It was cool to hear Rock be so transparent about his life, marriage, and infidelities (not sure if I believe that only cheated 3 times thing but whatever lol). I really enjoyed him being honest and taking accountability for his actions. That’s never an easy thing to do.

I couldn’t help but notice that one of his jokes/comments received quite a bit of backlash. Him saying that women are loved unconditionally but men are loved under the condition that they provide something.

It led to posts like these:

Lol ironically, I think her post was bullshit and an overreaction but I digress. Here is the actual quote from Rock’s special in order to get the full gist of it.

“only women, children, and dogs are loved unconditionally,” whereas “a man is only loved under the condition that he provide something. I’ve never heard a woman in my life say, ‘You know, after he got laid off, we got so much closer.’” After all, when a man meets someone new, his friends ask, “What does she look like?” When a woman meets someone new, her friends ask, “What does he do?”The value of a man is tied up in his work, Rock says: “What the fuck does that nigga do that can help you out? Can this MF facilitate a dream or not?”

So yeah, as I read the facebook post I thought to myself, why is she so angry? Secondly, I wondered what dudes get all of this love? Must be nice. I also wondered to myself are people really stupid to put up with all of that just to keep a man? Lol, that doesn’t sound like unconditional love, it sounds more like desperation or mental illness or some shit.

As I listened to Chris Rock’s joke again, part of what he said was mainly men’s fault because generally, outside of the physical we don’t really ask for much or enough from women at times. Hell, men rarely even care what she does for a living lol. As long as she looks good, good sex, don’t cheat and don’t bother us too much most of us are cool. Whereas the list of what women want or are looking for in men is usually much longer. I mean there are certain expectations and requirements of men while dating and being in a relationship which is fine, it is what it is. I mean traditionally what are men known as or expected to be? Providers. Which I am ok with, it’s all I have ever known and was taught. Of course, this is not to say that all women require this, some will just be like, oh he cute and that’s all they need lol.

Happy wife, happy life… what’s the male equivalent of that again? Doesn’t take away from what women provide or bring to the table it’s just different… at least traditionally. Who knows what the future holds. I imagine some women are doing more of the providing and I imagine that’s probably frowned upon whereas if reversed it wouldn’t be.

The funny thing is that I don’t even think Rock was complaining. I don’t think most traditional men really complain about it. Should we? I know I’m not. Like Rock also mentioned men and women are like a good band, who complement each other. I’m paraphrasing by the way. He also mentioned how we all play roles and sometimes take up the slack for each other.

I enjoyed many other parts of his special, including what he said about kids and bullies but there was one quote that really stuck with me. Mainly because I say it all the time. He said I’ll take peace over pussy any day.

Man look, this is what I have been screaming for years. This is why I take my dating hiatuses or have the ability to stop dealing with people suddenly. This is why when people have asked me why was I single over the years I had this response. No, it wasn’t because I wanted to be a slut, instead it was because I don’t want to deal with anything that will interrupt my peace of mind. It’s like maybe my life can be a little boring and mundane at times but I’ll take that over unnecessary drama and conflict. Even if that means less sex lol.

People think pussy is worth your valuable time. It used to be. The younger me could deal with a little drama, attitude, insecurities, incompatibility, nagging, emotional terrorism (lol) all just to get a feel and a taste lol. Would literally deal at least long enough to get it a few times. Somehow, it didn’t feel like I was wasting my time and money If I got what I wanted. Yikes, that sounds very “prostitution-esque”.

Lol but it’s not just sex. If I don’t feel happy with someone or I’m always getting negativity it doesn’t matter, I will not continue to entertain or deal with them. Hell, that can also be males or females. You know that sometimes we have friends or associates who always drain the Hell out of us when they are around. If you don’t have a friend like that then well, you are that friend probably lol.

You know that peace over pussy logic reminds me of people who would rather be with someone than be alone. Staying with someone who honestly does nothing for you or makes you happy and causes nothing but stress just to say you have someone or not be lonely. Which is funny because if you don’t have a connection with that person and you are unhappy you still will feel like you are alone. I guess people will take not appearing to be alone over having peace or being happy.

Better them than me. I’m not dealing with anyone or anything that will interrupt my peace, even if it’s at the risk of being alone or not being able to keep someone. Eff that.

I knew I had reached my break through a few years ago when I started dating women and knew things weren’t going well and instead of continuing to deal until I got some I just cut things off. Damn, I missed out on quite a few opportunities lol smh.

Oh yeah, got sidetracked, my apologies. You know what’s even funnier is people think their B.S. is worth it lol. Like, we are supposed to put up with the B.S. Almost like a right of passage or some shit. Lol, I’ll pass.

So yeah, I’m glad Rock did this comedy special, I enjoyed it, it’s probably the best thing he has put out since that timeless American classic, Pootie Tang. No “lol” I mean that shit. Also, men AND women learn to protect your peace, so you don’t have to love people unconditionally that don’t deserve it, and stop taking shit comedians say so seriously, please.

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