They always come back?

Is it a good thing or flattering that all of your exes or former acquaintances attempt to come back? Seriously.

I used to say things like they always come back and for a second it made me feel myself a little. Then I really sat and thought about it one day. Why are they coming back, Calvin?

I mean, if you were as great as you thought you were they wouldn’t have left you in the first place, right? Well, I’ll be damned lol.

As I continued thinking about it I thought to myself, what would make these women come back to me? My ego came out of nowhere and said, it’s probably the sex. Then logic kicked in and said probably not, lol dammit. Then I thought to myself maybe it is because the other guys they dealt with after me were even more messed up and they decided that as bad as I was, I wasn’t worse than these other men so they decided to settle. I think in some instances because I can be so difficult women figured, “I know he is still single, no one is putting up with that” so they hit me up knowing it’s a good chance that I am still alone. Some probably remember how they had me wrapped around their middle finger and figured this will be easy to do. Then we have the group that thinks maybe you changed so they try again. Maybe they saw a nice picture on social media where you actually look good or happy and the figure what the hell. Maybe they are struggling with their attempts to try and find someone who wants them or who will deal with them. Shit, some come back just because they don’t want to add to their body count just yet lol.

No matter the reasons it was rare that the reason was actually genuine or positive.

Seriously, as I sit here thinking of all these situations and the reasoning behind the rekindling of these flames I feel kind of stupid. Your ex or whatever is basically saying that you are easy (physically, mentally and/or emotionally), or they decided to settle, or it’s strictly physical (this isn’t always a bad thing btw), or they don’t have other options or feel like putting in work to find someone else.

Like my sister used to always tell me, sometimes you have to consider the source. That usually tells me all I need to know about the person who may be attempting to re-enter my life. Maybe you guys should try that too.

Soooo, y’all still feeling flattered?

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