Thoughts while taking a selfie…

What goes through your mind when you take and post a selfie?

I’ll be honest, I think that my subconscious tells me that I shouldn’t do it. It has to be because the first thing that I do is look around and make sure no one can see me taking one or I take it in a discrete place. It’s like bruh, you are a 35-year-old man, why are you staring at this phone, making the same dumb face and taking this picture to post for people who really don’t care one way or the other? Have you no shame? A selfie? Lol, that word just screams child-like or feminine, you know better. What would your father say?

When I post a selfie or snap it is going to be for one of these reasons:

1. I feel good today. 2. I feel goofy today. 3. I am proud of my progression in the gym, I should share. 4. This haircut looks too good not to post. 5. This t-shirt looks pretty cool. 6. I am out of town or at a cool event. 7. I’m bored and some random attention would be nice.

So I decided to take and post a selfie yesterday and let me tell you how that went lol. My reasons? Number 1,3, anddd 7 lol.

Ok, let me check my face. Can’t have a booger showing or something. Nothing crazy in the background is it? I don’t want to post anything that could get me laughed at or caught up somehow.

What is my caption going to say, should I use a filter or nah? How many social media sites am I posting this picture on? Let’s do IG, Facebook, and Twitter.


I wonder who is going to make a dumb ass comment or post an emoji to make people think they know me like that or that we seriously talk? There is always some woman who does that annoying BS. I should have turned my comments off. Aww hell, I just got a message from someone that I haven’t spoken to in a year. Hey, big head my ass. Speaking of women, I wonder if the person I’m actually feeling will see the picture and acknowledge it? I sure hope she does. Let me prepare for this roast session in my group chat with the fellas. I promise that one day I’m going to stop taking selfies, I know better. Oh wow, a DM lol.

You know, for someone who seems to not care about what others think, I sure do ask a lot of questions that center around others opinion before posting a selfie lol.

Speaking of which, why do I keep taking selfies?

I mean I am introverted, low-key, keep to myself, don’t like a lot of attention and prefer being discreet. These posts say otherwise. Ok, ok, I can admit it. I do enjoy small doses of attention from time to time and I do have a little narcissism in me. I mean I am human and a man the last time I checked. Besides, you can’t get but so much attention when you aren’t going out or interacting with others that much. This attempt at being more productive, disciplined, improving myself and minding my business is mad boring lol. It is flattering to know that a woman may find me funny or attractive. Giving me just enough attention or validation to say, see, you don’t look too bad or you still got it… whatever “it” is. This is right up my alley just a simple like nothing more. I am somewhat of a look but don’t touch type. It’s like ok, you like the picture, gave me my validation now cool, now leave me alone again lol. Now, this isn’t to say that I have not slid in a DM or two before. I’m just not in that space right now for various reasons. Besides, I am a simple man, that small piece of attention does the trick. Now I know that a few women think I’m attractive or funny, I’m good with those numbers lol. Hell, sometimes it’s cool to know that you may be somewhat desirable.

You know nothing screams narcissism and “I think I’m more important than I really am” like taking and posting a bunch of selfies. Especially if you aren’t using it for business purposes, promoting yourself, your brand or to keep in contact with relatives. The thing is, I really see no issue with being a little narcissistic or having self-confidence and a little “show-off” in you. By all means be proud of who you are or what you are doing. You feel sexy, feel like you look good, in shape or whatever post away. I respect it as long as you don’t become obsessed with it and let the likes dictate your self-esteem. I know people who will be in a bad mood and delete a picture if they don’t get enough likes. That’s just… special lol.

I’m not that bad. Ok, back to my thoughts…

I’m not posting any more selfies, this is the last time.


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