Dating while boring Pt.3

Wait, there is more lol.

To those of you young men who aren’t as stubborn or patient as I am, it would behoove you to do some self-evaluation. See what things you can tweak or change about yourself in order to gain and keep the interest of someone of the opposite sex. Step outside of your box. Communicate more. Hell, you may find out you actually like the changes or doing different things.

The main thing is to at least acknowledge certain things about yourself as opposed to blaming others. As you noticed in my posts, I never blamed women, begrudgingly I had to agree with them. So if women are calling you boring or ghosting you or never want to spend time with you, there is a good chance you are the issue. Change it up lol.

Oh yeah and make sure the woman really likes you because if so, it is much easier for you guys to find a middle ground. In almost all of my situations, I think the women either liked the idea of me, I was the rebound guy, or it was mainly physical or we rushed and really didn’t get to know each other like we should have.


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