Pay the cost to be the boss…

One of my friends reposted this on Instagram a few days ago.

As you can imagine it seemed to hurt a few feelings and caused for some interesting commentary. Personally, I imagine that there are other variables as to why women are single so I won’t say most, that wouldn’t be fair. However, this does apply to some women. Probably the younger ones lol.

Speaking of commentary someone stated that men needed to pay women to deal with their “simple, retarded, asses”. My friend responded that at this stage of life he can take care of himself and to be honest the only thing he needs from women is sex. Sheesh. She then responded that he was scorned and bitter lol.

Looking back at it, the exchange was entertaining but so unnecessary. I was always taught that if something does not apply to you, don’t even address it which I noticed a lot of women didn’t. However, this woman did so I imagine that she is the proverbial “hit dog hollering”. As far as my boy’s response, well it is obvious that he is currently not in a space to be in a relationship, hence him being single, lol.

So let’s get back to that IG post pictured above. First of all, there is enough blame to go around on both sides. It’s obvious that some women want sponsors or someone they can take advantage of and help their situation. Someone to spend money on them in return for favors or services such as time, attention and sex. Meanwhile, some men feel that in order to get said sexual favors, or time and attention it requires money, more so than time and effort. These types of people really deserve each other in my opinion. I’m not even going to knock it. People’s types or definitions or rules of a relationship vary.

So with all of this being said, this kind of reminds me of a prostitute and trick relationship. Ok maybe not prostitute, let’s go with escort instead. Think about it, I pay you for services and you give me what I want. Then when you can no longer afford it or I no longer want it then we move on to someone else.

I swear, if this shit was legal everywhere I wonder what it would do to relationships. I personally think that if society viewed escorting in a positive light like they did in the “old west” more of it would happen, women wouldn’t have to deal with the shame and maybe more people could get what they want, without the games and lies.

Then again maybe I am wrong and this is how traditional relationships work. Like as the man you pay the bills, buy her stuff, etc. the woman submits and does whatever you say lol. It may sound harsh but often times I feel that this is what some women feel or how they justify certain logic. Not to say that it is all on them. I imagine if you do things the so-called “right way” with men and get nothing from it but mistreatment I imagine things like money or gifts would be a consolation prize for some. I don’t agree with this logic because it tells me all I need to know about your character but I definitely understand. Then let’s not forget that men who have little or nothing to offer but money or gifts to these women. I mean if that’s what you are used to I understand completely.

So to those of you men who believe this is the best method in order to pursue and eventually get a woman remember the words of James Brown fellas, you got to pay the cost to be the boss.

Lol and also remember that once your funds run low and she leaves you it isn’t her fault. That is what the relationship was based on and you didn’t hold up your end of the bargain.

I bet this post comes off as me believing that money shouldn’t be involved when courting or pursuing a woman? If so, you would be wrong lol. That is not what I am saying. Hell, when you are with someone you are really feeling none of that matters. It doesn’t even feel like you are spending or wasting money lol and even if you are the reaction, if genuine and reciprocated is worth it.

However what I am saying is to find a woman that doesn’t always have her hand out. Someone who doesn’t act like the ones who feel like you owe them something and believe in the good old barter system. Lol or even worse, those my presence is the present ass people smh.

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