Conditional Activism?

Should we have conditional activism? Like should we pick and choose who or what we should be outraged about? I imagine that goes without saying, I mean everything is conditional so let me be more specific.

I don’t want to minimize the story but I will attempt to be brief. Stephon Clark was gunned down by the Sacramento police in his grandmother’s backyard with a cellphone in his hand. He was believed to have been breaking windows in the area and the police thought that his phone was a weapon. A few days after his murder these tweets from Stephon Clark surfaced.

After seeing these tweets, many women and men were upset and stated that they would no longer protest or March for him as if that is going to bring him back. Better yet as if that has really solved anything for people of color being gunned down by police over the last 50 plus years but I digress. I suppose doing something is better than doing nothing which is currently what I am doing, nothing.

So let me ask you guys this if you found out that someone was mistreated, injured, gunned down or done wrong due to race as a person of color would you still support or fight for injustice? Like as men if we found out a black woman was raped by police used to tweet “Black men are trash”, “black men ain’t shit” and she only dated white men should we not protest anymore or should we care less?

Does their ignorance or narrow-mindedness mean more than the greater good? Is it like well yeah it’s messed up that she was raped by police but she ain’t like black men anyway so it’s not my problem. Let her white men march for her.

I’m not asking or using this example to show hypocrisy (because we all have issues) or to pass judgment or to say who is right or wrong. I can see both points of view, so I am asking because I am curious. I understand the human element in situations like this. It is so much easier to care about people who are overall good people or share the same ideals as us. Do the person’s views and preferences matter more than what happened to them? Does police brutality only matter for the people we like or have similar ideals with? Should we “turn the other cheek” so to speak in order to potentially get our point across or make changes? Do we forgive and forget or save our keyboard justice and think pieces only for those who like us or think like us?

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