How Snapchat saved me from sending nudes to a man

My last situationship ended and I was in a drought of epic proportions.

Every woman I met seemed to want a relationship and I just wasn’t in that space at the time.  I wish I could say it was my conscience making me want to do what’s right but it wasn’t that at all. I just didn’t feel like being annoyed lol, so I didn’t want to go through or hear that “why did you waste my time” speech or deal with someone from the past. So instead, I just embraced the internet and utilized free streaming websites that contained adult content.

That was cool for awhile but I could only hold out for so long. So I decided that I needed to make something happen. I’m not big on going out to bars or clubs to meet women so my boy suggested why not get on POF or Plenty of Fish, which is an online dating site.

I played along like I wasn’t aware of the site but I knew about it. There was also a very good reason why I no longer used it. The last time I used it my date not only had cut marks on her wrists but when I first met her at her home she came outside, asked me to come in (red flag) and her kids were sitting there. Then she asked me to drive her and her kids to their Dad to drop them off and then we could start our date. Lol, so yeah, I was more than leery about getting back on the site.

So here I am with the classic head versus head battle. Guess what head I decided to think with?

So as I created my POF account lol, I came up with a gameplan. I would only interact with women who stated that they were looking to date, nothing serious. Simple enough. I must say, there are some interesting looking people on that app. No not ugly, interesting looking. Hell, I’m interesting looking too so I can’t judge but um yeah, maybe people just take bad photos. So as I sent a few messages out I ran across a profile and the pics were all thirst traps, including a nice booty picture in a swimsuit. My first thought was she is either trying to rob someone, in a relationship or on backpage “selling something” lol.

What the hell, it won’t hurt to ask at least.

So we engaged in very brief conversation and she flat out told me that she was looking for a casual, friends with benefits situation. Like by the third message. I respected the forwardness but something seemed off. Nah, let me not overthink this like I do everything else. She eagerly gave me her phone number and asked to see what I was working with. That was a simple enough request. I mean as a single man it’s protocol to have a saved nude where your face is covered and the angle is just right lol. Judge away lol.

I was hyped. This is going to be easier than I thought.

As I looked at her last message again I thought to myself, Calvin, has it ever been this easy to get some? Has some woman ever just thrown it at you like that, that fast? Hell no. So has my luck changed all of a sudden? Probably not. Better yet, if she is asking to do this with you, how many other dudes has she asked or done this with. Finally, my other head decided to make an appearance!

Time to do research.

So I added the number and contact to my phone, then I used the add contacts by phone number feature on Snapchat to see if I could get a better look at this person. Sure enough, they popped up and guess what the name was on Snapchat? Powerbottom69 or something like that.

Powerbottom69? Then all of a sudden everything clicked, like at the end of one of those Saw movies. Like I’m not the smartest man around but isn’t bottom a term used by gay men? Then I recalled key parts of the conversation, mainly how fast the pics were asked for, and the flow of the conversation in general and the username. That’s when it hit me. This ain’t no damn woman, it’s a grown ass man.

I went through quite a few emotions. The main one was shame and stupidity because I almost sent my nudes to a dude bruh. Lol, I was about to pull a Paul George (click his name lol). As I sat there laughing to myself, blocking the dude and closing my account I thought to myself, see that’s what your ass gets.

So yeah, lesson learned and thank you Snapchat. You saved me from taking an even bigger L. Like I don’t even know how I could explain that one.

So yeah, in closing I guess the moral of this post is, don’t send dick pics after a few messages, even if the other person asks for them 😂

Also to any man who is in a rocky relationship, try to salvage it if it isn’t toxic because it is crazy out here in these single streets. Stay your ass where you are, where it’s safe lol.

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