Weak with no loyalty

I saw this post on Twitter and Instagram yesterday and I immediately became annoyed.


So let’s not even address the weak man yet, let’s talk about you. You talk back and don’t listen, lol so do you want to be in a relationship or just want someone to argue with? I am confused. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just stay single? Like, why would anyone want to even entertain you long term or be in a relationship with you? What happens if he does talk back and it becomes abusive? Not even necessarily physically? It seems like a lot of drama and frustration but maybe that is what some people call passion.

Hell if I know.

Generally, I tend to write from my or a male point of view because well, that is what I am lol. So to be honest my knowledge in regards to the opposite sex is limited. Not to mention not necessarily relatable. That is why I laugh whenever I post something about women and a woman will comment “well men do it too”. I am sure that they do but I don’t date men or interact with them on that level so it really isn’t on my radar.

However, on this post, I will attempt to hit both sides. This is specifically for the “well they do it too” crowd.

I find it amusing that women will swear that you are weak or give up too easily if you don’t entertain or put up with their BS. The attitudes, nagging, tantrums and whatever other trait or habit that they deem acceptable. Meanwhile, men will swear that you aren’t loyal or ride or die if you don’t put up with their infidelity, immaturity and whatever other BS that they may engage in.

People are really out here asking you to deal with something that they wouldn’t deal with or something that they wouldn’t want their kids or friends or family to deal with. Lol, that makes sense?

I imagine it all boils down to some of us being selfish and hypocritical people by nature. It’s almost like well I don’t have to be a good person, I am just me so you have to deal with it. However, not only do I want someone to treat me right but if they treat me like I treat them I can’t deal with them because that is just wrong.

Yikes. I am always amazed at our ability to justify things.

I just don’t understand people at times. Y’all make my head hurt lol but it’s ok, you can keep being difficult or “just how I am”. The law of averages tells me that at some point someone with low self-esteem, insecurity or desperation will deal with you and your BS, so just be patient lol. In the meantime, I suppose you can keep calling everyone else who won’t deal with it weak or not loyal lol.


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