I wrote a post almost a year ago about celebrity worship, No more hero worship. It was a very short post in which I wrote about maybe having access to social media will help curb all of the celebrity worship that some of us seem to have.

I was right but I was also wrong because while it did expose some celebrities it didn’t really matter because people usually ended up doubling down on their fandom and becoming even more obsessed.

Most recently, this past week, in fact, we have had  Kanye West, Nas (who ironically are doing an album together) and to a lesser extent Chance the rapper who has come under fire. Kanye has been tweeting his support for current President Trump which has seemed to alienate a lot of people… of color lol. Meanwhile Chance attempted to take up for Ye and stated that black people don’t have to be republicans which received similar negativity and now there is an interview with Nas’ ex-wife Kelis that she admits that he abused her mentally and physically when they were together.

Let’s address the Nas situation first. So whenever an accusation is made, immediately people choose sides without knowing what is true or what isn’t. If you happen to like the person being accused you will probably choose their side and if not vice versa. You will make excuses, justify your point of view no matter what and in some instances lash out at people who may not have the same view. From that point on we will have the think pieces, posts and of course everyone’s favorite logic which is that if you agree that the person is innocent or make an excuse or attempt to justify something then well, you are the same way or type of person. So if you say Nas didn’t do it and Kelis is a liar, wait until we have the facts, you could very well be called an abuser as well just because of this point of view. Don’t shoot the messenger because those are the rules lol. Situations like these are so tricky because we can’t ignore the fact that abuse happens quite often and while some women lie about it, more often than not they are telling the truth so you have to be delicate about it. This is for the “why did she wait so many years to talk about it” or “she just wants more money from Nas” crowd.

Then we have Kanye West who apparently went on a twitter rant professing his like or love for President Trump. I say apparently because I have had Ye blocked on twitter for a long time so I can’t see his tweets lol. Not really sure why anyone would be surprised that a rich person would be supportive of Trump or any Republican but whatever lol.

Then out of left field Chance the Rapper tweets that blacks don’t have to be Democrats. Some say this was in defense of Kanye but once again I do not know for sure because I don’t follow Chance and really don’t care to follow him. However taking the Kanye reference aside and he is correct. You do not have to be a democrat if you are black. Furthermore, I believe the majority of politicians are crooks and both parties take advantage of people, the poor ones so you are screwed no matter what. Hell, it feels like watching wrestling sometimes, it’s like both sides are really friends, know the end results but want to put on a show for the consumer or voters in order to increase ratings and make more money or remain in office.

These are two very polarizing topics, domestic violence and to a lesser extent politics. I tend to stay away from both in real life because nothing good ever comes of it. Abuse is basically one of those he said/she said situations that unless there is evidence can be hard to prove. The political discussion is crazy because people don’t seem to handle that discussion well in any format. Work, amongst friends, family or social media. There really is no middle ground. If you disagree or have a certain view or party affiliation all the views apply to you no matter what or how true they may be. So if you are a republican you will be viewed as a Trump supporter which means you support all of his views.

You know it is amusing to see all of these opinions on people that we don’t even know. For whatever reason, if we see someone on tv, movies, listen to their music (and it touches us) or watch them give interviews we think we know them or find them relatable or likable. This is funny because almost all of those formats are controlled and can be a front. It’s like “knowing” people on social media. They may seem happy or good but that is because they control what they post and allow us to only see what they want us to see (minus a slip up from time to time) so of course, they may appear to be good people when they really aren’t. The same applies to these celebrities.

This is what makes me laugh at the Kanye situation. What two things do you hear when people attempt to take up for Ye? He hasn’t been the same since his Mom died and he hasn’t been right since he married Kim Kardashian. At the same time, everyone who knows Kanye will tell you that he has been the same person forever which is borderline arrogant and an asshole.  Which I think is something that he has never attempted to hide from the public. I must admit that he has been somewhat consistent.

So yeah, why does him not sharing your political views or caring about you make you so sad?

Is it because of how good his music is? You just happen to like his image? Maybe you just happen to identify with him somehow because of his story? Was it the George W. Bush comments that made you connect? Is it his race? What is it? A man who you never met, never did anything to help most of you (outside of making good music) is making you sad and angry. So much so that you are talking about him more than anything going on in your own personal life. In the words of Ye ironically, “no one man should have all that power” lol. We really need to stop worshipping these people. Yes, it is amazing that these people are talented or rich but in the grand scheme of things who really cares?

It’s easier to just take them for what they do and leave it at that. Just like or love them until they no longer serve a purpose. Not saying don’t care if they live or die or not want them to be happy or have success but keep things in perspective. Once the music is no longer good they no longer serve that purpose. Once they no longer are good at their sport or acting they no longer serve that purpose either. It sounds harsh but we really need to get out of our feelings.

Then you wouldn’t care about who Ye said he supports or what Chance said or if Nas abused his ex (Ok, you should care about abuse but you get my point, hopefully). That sounds harsh huh? Oh well, it needs to be that way. I am all for jokes and random conversation about celebrities from time to time but when I see people acting legit hurt and sad over these strangers it disturbs me. Hell, don’t the people in your personal life disappoint you enough? Now you have to add these celebrities into the mix?

I swear lol. I guess these are the heroes that we look up to as adults. I guess they replaced the superheroes and cartoon characters we idolized as kids. They are living the life we want or doing things that we wish we could do, so I get it, kind of…

Oh yeah and if these people are really canceled please remember that and do not support them, that way they will no longer continue popping up to build your hopes up only to disappoint you again. It’s amazing what happens when you ignore or no longer pay attention to things. They just happen to vanish or disappear.

Also, remember this, these are just people with talent or fame. This does not make them role models, leaders or gods, so stop treating them as such.

Oh yeah and speaking of Kanye, can someone please give their family or friends as many chances as his fans give him? Sheesh lol. No matter what he does people will justify it somehow and become a fan again once he releases new music. Y’all out here cutting folks off for the smallest transgressions but giving Kanye every chance and excuse in the world. I get it, maybe your friend didn’t make “Through the wire” but still lol, keep that same energy of forgiveness since you seem to be giving it out so freely.

So how many of y’all listening to that new album when it comes out?


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