Well they did it too

Before I became the grumpy old man that people tolerate from time to time there was a different version of myself. I actually used to be a young, bright-eyed, smart, and optimistic (naive) kid. Sooo the total opposite lol.

It happened to be black history month at school and the teacher, maybe Mrs. Kelly? This was 26 years ago so forgive me if I am wrong was going over black history. Somehow the topic came up of slaves singing Go down Moses in the fields… also known as “let my people go”. Not really news to me because at the time my hobby was reading and studying black history (I been a nerd a long ass time) but I happened to hear a classmate change the words to let my people fart and for whatever reason, that resonated with me. I mean who doesn’t love a good fart joke? I found it so funny that I repeated it somewhat out loud… No one heard me. So I repeated it again louder, LET MY PEOPLE FART! My classmates heard me and most of them laughed, mission accomplished. Not one of my best moments and the joke wasn’t event that funny but I was young and stupid and 9 years old lol.

Guess what happened next? I not only got my name on the board (that was how they did back in the day, when you got into trouble they would write your name on the board and if you continued getting into trouble they would add checks by it) and my teacher gave me the threat of all threats. I’m going to tell your parents. All of a sudden that laughter turned into tears. This would normally be a minor offense but just earlier that week I had been informed by my father that if I got into any more trouble again he would beat my ass. Yes, this sounds harsh but this was common practice when I grew up. My parents believed in corporal punishment. Spare the rod and spoil the child and all that stuff.

So fast forward to later that day, I got ” the pre-ass whipping/this is why I’m punishing you talk” my father went through his usual speech. He then asked me why did I do it. The honest answer was that I thought it was funny and wanted to get laughs & attention but that answer wouldn’t go over too well. So I decided to go with the tried and true answer, “I don’t know”. He then responded that I don’t know was not a sufficient enough answer. I then went on a rant about how I tried being good and even prayed about it. Yes, I played the religion card, I’m no different than some politicians, sue me. He, of course, responded that since I was praying so much that I need to pray for my ass. In my head, I’m thinking that if prayer didn’t keep me out of trouble, it damn sure wasn’t going to save me from this ass whipping. So as tears streamed down my face before my father told me to turn around I said, “but Ryan said it too and I just repeated him. My Dad just looked at me and said, not only am I not Ryan’s father but what does that have to do with you? You were still wrong and you have to be disciplined for that (and the other things I was doing that week smh lol).

Sorry for that long ass story but I said all of that to say, I feel exactly like my Dad felt when I see all of these posts and think pieces about Bill Cosby. The man admitted to rape, (maybe not in this case but it is documented) and in this case, may have to do time. Once you admit it there is no more reasonable doubt and I can’t play devil’s advocate, sorry. Yet instead of people saying he is wrong some are saying, but Trump, Weinstein, and others did it too and they haven’t received any jail time. So what does that have to do with Bill? If he never admitted to rape and was framed I could understand the outrage but he wasn’t so here we are. So while I get the fact that the system can be unfair for black men, even the rich ones (lol and y’all think money can save you) that still does not take away from the fact that a crime was committed and I think that quite often we forget about things like that.

This dumb ass logic doesn’t always apply to situations like Cosby’s either. Take me for example. I had unprotected sex with a woman who I wasn’t in a relationship with and she got pregnant. While I admitted that I did not want a kid the kid is here and there are certain monthly financial requirements that come with that. As I sat one day complaining about that and the situation I attempted to justify it by saying, she could have been on the pill, taken a plan B, abortion, etc. why do I even have to deal and be responsible for something that I didn’t plan or want? Then that voice just popped into my head… but what did you do? Yes she chose to have sex with someone she wasn’t in a relationship with but so did you, yes she didn’t use any contraceptives but neither did you, so guess what? You can’t blame anyone but yourself. So suck it up and do what you have to do.

This “well they do it too” thing also annoys me when I see men and women debate on their actions. A woman can be caught cheating and will say well, men been doing it for years. A man can be caught using a woman for financial gain and will justify it by saying well women been doing it for years. It still doesn’t matter, wrong is wrong, so stop trying to justify your ain’t shitness and character flaws.

It’s cliche but 2 wrongs really don’t make a right. Y’all are better than that, stop trying to take up for or justify shit that is wrong.

Oh yeah, and for the record, I do agree that at some point Bill Cosby attempted to buy NBC and the establishment didn’t like that but this isn’t what led to those charges. I think the result of that was his son being killed but that is just the conspiracist in me.




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