Make prostitution legal again?

So now it’s $50 dates.

Pardon my laziness but I didn’t dig too deep into the origin on the $50 date thing. it just popped on Twitter one day. I suppose that it came from a woman who posted that she went on 8 dates, all under $50 & she hasn’t had sex on any of them.

Lol, so if he spends over 50 you feel as if you have to or you would be motivated to put out? I mean that’s what I assumed she was implying.

So is it safe to say that some women think sex is basically a barter system? Well, barter and cash meaning he takes you out spends cash and in exchange for that, you give him some ass. That rhymed and technically it can’t be barter because money is involved indirectly with the cost of the date but you get my point. So if this is correct, based off of the lady mentioned earlier’s logic, if the date was $51 or higher one of the dudes could have got some lol. Don’t shoot the messenger, this is just my interpretation of that young woman’s tweet.

Ladies you are not alone in this line of thinking. I saw a young man tweet that “$50 is a lot to spend on a woman I’m not fuckin”. So basically he believes almost the same thing. In order for him to spend a certain amount or want to spend a certain amount of money on a woman, he has to make sure sex is involved and once it is he will be willing to spend more.

Lol, those two people should date. They are perfect for each other.

These people aren’t alone. So often I read things people post online and it comes off as if we think the opposite sex is worthless. Like women are only good for sex and men are only good for what they can give you.

So you know what I get from all of this? Prostitution needs to be legal everywhere. I’m so serious. Just like on the westerns that I watch daily. You used to have the madam who either owned the saloon or at least was responsible for the women and hell, the women were treated pretty decently all things considered. The men would come in, have a conversation and buy them drinks. Meanwhile, she would flirt, boost his ego or whatever, make him feel good about himself then boom. Sex and a cash exchange. Hell, it damn near sounds like some of y’all dates or one nighters. You go to a bar or out for drinks or happy hour or something, he buys drinks, she keeps him company, boosts his ego and then lol, well you know the rest. In fact, maybe some of you are selling yourselves short. These women received free drinks and money. Meanwhile, men are getting off easier because they are only buying drinks.

Think about it. If it were legal how many of y’all would participate? Judging by some of the things I see on social media I think quite a lot of you would. I already know that a lot of men would. Hell, some of you already think that dating and relationships are a form of prostitution. Considering how some men are putting a monetary value on women they date and adjusting their limits based off of performance, some men are already there. Just like there are some women who are basing what they will give a man off of what he spends on them.

I attempt to be more open-minded in my older age. So let’s look at some pros of making prostitution legal. People would have more free time. Instead of the small talk, getting to know one another stage, dates, etc. you could just be like “how much” set up something and get it over with relatively quickly. You know they say we don’t last long anyway so what’s a few minutes for potentially hundreds of dollars. Lol ok, maybe not hundreds but a decent amount of money. Make people get tested and have updated results and use some form of protection or birth control. This could cut down on unplanned pregnancy & the growing std rate. In the meantime, with all that free time men could be busy working, learning a trade, working out or something productive. Besides bothering or lying to women lol.

I imagine some women are like I just couldn’t give my body away and maybe that applies to some but for those who already determine sex based off of what someone spends for them this cuts out the middleman. You don’t even have to text back or entertain his boring conversation. Plus a lot of us engage in casual sex anyway and use shallow reasons like looks or status to have sex with a person anyway. I mean it’s not like every person we have sex with we love and with the right motivation, which is money I imagine the more enthusiastic your performance would be.

Think about this. People are already asking men to cash app them money just because. Men are not only doing that but they are also out here purchasing premium Snapchats as well. So could you imagine what a man would pay for sex?

What’s the saying? People make time for what they want but they also will spend money on what they want. So the same man nickel & diming over a $50 date would probably gladly spend twice that, straight up for sex.

Just imagine the boost to the economy lol.

Another positive would be that if a man wanted a relationship with you it would have to be serious and about more than sex right? I mean since they could pay for it anywhere, they must really be feeling you in order to want to make that commitment. Potentially. On the flipside, it could also mean that the woman also really likes you if she is cutting out her income and not making you pay for sex lol… or it could mean that you were the biggest trick lol.

At first, if prostitution and escorting became legal everywhere eventually it wouldn’t be frowned upon. We had Backpage and we still have people advertising sex on various social media outlets so it’s already out there. Need to legalize it like marijuana and make things happen lol.

So what do you guys think? Make prostitution legal again? Since obviously some of us can’t seem to look at each other outside of a nut or a lic. Lol, a lic meaning a come up, not to lic… nevermind, you get my point.

Oh yeah, I forgot about women finding men to prostitute. I guess there could be like a rating system for men and you guys could leave reviews, like they do on Yelp and then you can get the men who are actually good at it so you can be satisfied too.

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