Dating profiles

Has anyone used a dating site before? Better yet when you meet someone new do you highlight just your positive traits or do you mention the not so positive ones as well? I think from this point on I am going to highlight my negative qualities first and then go from there.

So here we go, single 35-year-old male. I’m a father, I can be too independent at times, stubborn, brutally honest, and ok with letting things go relatively easily. I can also be very prideful, quiet and laid back (smh). I also struggle to receive compliments or help from others and I’m boring and a homebody. Did I mention that I could also be self-deprecating at times? Not a fan of holidays or long walks on the beach and I wasn’t a huge fan of the former President. I do like animals though, I do eat pretty healthy and I am very structured, frugal and organized and once we are done I won’t randomly text you saying I miss you, as a matter of fact, if you tell me that you miss me I will probably respond with a “lol”.

Swipe right or nah?

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