Open book tests…

Ladies, why does it seem that some of you frequently post how great, rare, loyal and what good women you are?

Is it a form of self-reflection, maybe positive words of affirmation? Maybe you are just feeling somewhat down in the dumps and this is a way to pull you out of that?

Then again maybe it’s your way of getting the attention of someone that you may be interested in via social media.

Speaking of gaining that attention I also notice that often times some of you will also post what you are into in regards to what type of man you would like and also your expectations of the opposite sex. Including what and what not to do when pursuing or dating you.

Once again I imagine that this could be an attempt to help the man that you are interested in out. I get it, often times we can be slow at taking hints or initiative so you want to help push us along. Kind of like giving us the answers to the test so to speak.

So let me ask this, how has this method worked for you? Have you found the man who can live up to that standard long-term or maybe you found a man who lived up to it but it only lasted a few weeks or a month or so?

I imagine this doesn’t apply to all situations but do you think that sometimes we put too much information out there? Like in regards to social media.

Some of the things that women post are common sense but right now I can scroll my IG feed and learn what some of you women like in a man, what you are looking for in a man, what your exes did wrong, what you like during sex, what you don’t like from men and what it takes for a man to gain your attention. All harmless if the man has the same intentions as you but imagine if he doesn’t?

Imagine if a guy was interested in you physically and decided to watch your tweets or IG posts for a good week, what do you think he could find or figure out about you? Could he possibly gather enough intel to at least get your attention and maybe your interest? Enough to stick around for a few months or so or until at the very least he gets to have s…

Of course, I wouldn’t do anything like that because I am stubborn and prefer to do things my own way. Like I know what to say and will still say something different despite it potentially killing my chances or the mood. I just don’t believe in telling people what they want to hear and besides, if it isn’t authentic I’m not going to be able to be consistent enough with it to keep your interest or attention anyway. It seems like too much work.

Everyone isn’t like that, however.

You just never clicked with someone, had everything in common, he did everything that you liked and then once he got whatever it was he wanted and got comfortable things changed or completely fell off and now you don’t even speak?

Lol, and I get it, men should be honest, shouldn’t manipulate or play games with women but it happens. So until some men change what can you do? Continue putting certain private things out there that people can take advantage of or at least attempt to be a little more guarded with certain aspects of who you are and your life?

I imagine this could come off as me blaming women, so I suppose you can keep doing what you are doing. I guess this is somewhat like blaming someone who left their car unlocked for the car being stolen. It’s like yeah you left your car unlocked in plain sight but the thief still shouldn’t have taken it.

So to those of you taking it that way I apologize. I understand how fine that line between accountability and blaming the victim. Often times I fear that I may overstep that line so I suppose you can take this as just a friendly suggestion or something to think about. No, I am not saying we need to be super difficult but at the same time, just don’t give all the game up, sheesh.


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