You talkin’ to me?

Fellas you ever see a woman that you are talking to or associating with make a general post about the opposite sex and you wonder if it’s about you but you aren’t sure?

Of course, this applies to good and bad things.

It’s like you are in that space where you doubt she cares enough to even post something about you or is it even that serious between Y’all for something to get posted or hell, maybe she is just running game lol.

Personally, I assume these 2 things, it’s a generic post that applies to multiple men that she talks to and/or it’s applying to the one she likes the most.

Simple enough.

Now before you get up in arms about me saying that I believe most women talk to multiple dudes hear me out. I believe that any woman who isn’t in a relationship has the right to do so. Nothing wrong with keeping your options open. Hell, it is expected. I must also add the fact that “talking to” isn’t the same as fuckin, for those of you who care about things like that. Personally, it’s none of my business but I can imagine how some of you would be concerned about that lol.

So fellas, what’s the post that you see the most from women? It has to be something about either a man making her smile or consistency right? (I asked a few men and I also browsed my timeline and these were the type of posts that I saw quite often). Think about it, a woman can post “texts from him” lol and every dude who sent her one will be thinking it’s about them.

Then we have the consistency thing which is funny because it’s like, how or why would they expect all 3 -5 of us to be consistent? Y’all just greedy lol.

So is it me or lowkey dating feels like one of those bachelor/bachelorette type dating shows. Except for whatever reason while on the shows the competition motivates men and women to pursue the person they are interested in even harder. Meanwhile, in real life we are like, well he/she got other people they are dealing with so I’m not that pressed or ill half-ass it or find other options too lol.

So the positive stuff is obvious but fellas, why do you think that it’s so easy for women to generically post something negative about us and it applies? Are we all that similar fellas or are these women picking the same types of men? I imagine that it is somewhere in the middle… ok maybe more like 65 us and 35 them. Either way, all of these options, egos, games, fear, and half-assing on both sides make for entertaining or miserable times as a single person depending on who you ask.

Speaking from my point of view, currently from the outside looking in, it’s quite entertaining. Oh yeah, and smarten up fellas lol.


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