Keep the Faith

I happened to open my Twitter app yesterday (no shock there) and unfortunately, I saw a tweet saying that Faith Evans admitted on The Drink Champs podcast to eating the late rapper, her husband, Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls ass.

Now I am not one to judge or care, personally about what anyone does in their bedroom because it doesn’t concern me. In the words of my late Grandma Ruth, “Y’all grown”.

Still gonna post about it though lol.

You know, I generally stay away from topics like these… yet here we are. So while I do kind of touch the topic, I won’t go all the way in… pun intended I guess lol.  I still will not be discussing the details of booty eating, whether it is ok for men and/or women or anything of that sort. I will leave that for your own bedrooms.

The reaction to this story went as expected. I saw men questioning Biggie’s sexual preference… I mean we all know that he had questionable lyrics from time to time but I am pretty sure that a woman licking your butt doesn’t make you gay. It makes y’all risk takers lol but not gay. Hell, and even if he was, scroll up and read these words again “I am not one to judge or care personally about what anyone does in their bedroom because it doesn’t concern me”. Also newsflash, there are probably a lot of your heroes, whether they play sports, making music or acting that are gay so get over it lol.

I also saw women react by calling Faith nasty and saying what they would and wouldn’t have done.

As I read their reactions I had a few thoughts. My first thought was that I can’t even be mad at these “groupies” they really do earn their money lol. My second thought was that I wonder what famous person or how much money would it take for you ladies not to have that same energy or feel that it’s nasty.

So back to these “groupies” I didn’t realize that there was an actual definition in the dictionary. Groupie – a person, especially a young woman, who regularly follows a pop music group or other celebrity in the hope of meeting or getting to know them.

Ok, let’s add women who attempt to deal with famous people with the hope that there are financial gains and notoriety. We see and hear about the women who are always romantically linked to your favorite musicians, athletes, and actors. These women seem not to have any talent or an occupation outside of just looking good. To be perfectly honest it often seems as if the risk is rarely worth the reward for these women, however, there have been success stories. Some get married or have kids by these men or get on a reality tv show.

So I imagine what do these women have to do in order to get these rewards or better yet even in the position to get these rewards? I mean, are we to believe that all of these womanizing, rich and famous men are respectful of women. That they just wine and dine and treat them all respectfully… especially when they have so many options and access to any woman that they could possibly want?

I once had a friend who used to hang with Beanie Siegel back during his Roc-a-fella/State Property days and he would tell stories of how women would come to be with members of State Property and they would instruct them to mess with their homeboys first or run “trains” on them before even potentially gaining access to the guys who actually made money. He would talk about how disrespectful the women were spoken to and treated. I have also heard similar stories from and about other famous athletes and entertainers. No need to go into detail but think about it. Women are having to put in work and do demeaning things just to potentially get closer to or noticed by these people. I said all of that to say they deserve the flyouts, clothes, Instagram likes and everything else because they earn it lol. Eating a man’s ass is tame compared to what other’s probably had to do lol.

Now on to my second thought. Ladies, what famous person or how much money would it take for you ladies to do something that you would consider disrespectful or beneath you? I know women who say that they are against “trains” but let a picture of Idris Elba (women like him on my twitter timeline) and some other man they find attractive get posted and these same women’s tone will change. All of a sudden they are about that choo-choo life lol. There is also the question or maybe the belief that for the correct amount of money we will easily lose our morals or at least justify going against them or our beliefs. So you are telling me (ladies who said eww or I would never)_someone you are into that not only looks good to you and is also famous but could also help out your pockets wanted you to lick his butt you wouldn’t do it? Even if no one would tell?

Lol, I guess.

Also, Faith was married to Big and maybe it was just something she did on birthday’s or an accident lol.

Either way, this is an example of something we tend to do from time to time… overshare. Lol, please don’t do this again Faith…

Gabrielle Union too lmao, eat those booties in silence.

On another note, imagine waking up this morning and finding out your Mom used to eat your Dad’s butt or knowing anything about their sexual life. Y’all pray for the kid’s man lol.

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