Ladies, have you ever opened your text message or a snapchat DM or a DM on twitter and BOOM!!! There is a picture of a man’s penis that you have never even met before?

How did that make you feel? I imagine you probably asked yourself questions. Such as who, what, when, why and how? Who told you this was a good idea. What were you thinking? Why would you send this? How did you think that this was a good idea?

I’m sorry that you have to go through this. I am a male and to be perfectly honest I do not understand the reason or logic behind sending an unsolicited dick pic. I still have yet to have known a woman actually receive one from a stranger without asking and it makes her want the said stranger or turn her on.

So when women ask me things like why do men do this I really don’t know. However, I suppose I can attempt to speak about why men want to send pics like this in general.

I swear if only our dicks were as big as our egos. They would be too big to use sexually lol. For some of us, it matters. There is something empowering about the fact that some woman or women think that you have a nice sized penis. I mean you can be broke and ugly but it’s like so what, at least my dick big lol. So with this ego and a combination of maybe that is all you have to offer I imagine some men want to share this “gift”… hence the eagerness to send pictures of it lol. Hey, you have to highlight your strong suits lol. Then if the reaction is positive from the recipient of the picture our ego will continue to grow.

On the flipside of that big ego, there is also a feeling of insecurity. Some people may not be secure or feel that “it” is big. So this is almost like a passive or easy way to ask if someone thinks that it is big enough. Like on some, “hey here is my dick, do you like it, check yes, no or maybe” lol.

As crazy as it sounds this is also how some people attempt to passively ask for or introduce sex to the other person. Let me send this picture and let’s see how she reacts. If she likes it and tells me it turns her on, then this means that more than likely I can get some lol. Of course, we know just because she liked the picture on Tuesday at 11:50 pm, it doesn’t mean that on Saturday at 11:00 pm after your date that she is going to give it up lol. Just an FYI.

I also think that outside of obviously being perverts we are somewhat voyeuristic people. Maybe not fully to the level where we enjoy being watched (even though I have noticed an increase of amateur sex tapes on my favorite streaming porn sites) but some like other’s looking at “it”. It turns them on.

Even with all of these attempts at an explanation I still do not know why people send them unsolicited. Like to strangers on the internet or mid-conversation with someone you just met, who never asked for them. I imagine it is because we are bold and crazy, yeah that has to be it. Some of us are bold and crazy lol. Then when you add the fact that there aren’t really any legal ramifications? Welcome to the wild, wild west lol.



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