Shut up and do what you are told…

I was browsing my timeline and I saw a post about Denzel Washington and his successful 35-year marriage to his wife. Of course, they hit me with the click bait and the tweet was accompanied by the quote “Denzel Washington on sustaining a 35-year marriage: I do what I’m told and keep my mouth shut”.

Now my first instinct was to curse but I said to myself this is probably him joking or something and as I read the article sure enough followed by the comment it implied that he was joking.

Good… now I don’t have to get worked up for 30 seconds over something that has no impact on my life lol.

One of my married friends said always doing what you are told and just shutting up sounded like a dictatorship and I agree. Hell, I don’t even always do what I’m told and just shut up at my job and they pay me lol. So as I continued reading this article Denzel basically mentioned that there were numerous things that helped make their marriage successful and he also credited his wife for doing the “heavy lifting” and making his house a home. Not a relationships goals person but if I were, this would definitely be a good example of one.

I then saw this post retweeted with this comment


An older man told me that he apologizes when he is wrong and he apologizes even when he is right lol.

I too have heard all the older men say the same thing but you know what else I hear? Their old asses always complaining about their marriage lol. All the damn time. I also hear these same men suggest not to get married or to take my time or “knowing what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have done it” lol.

Like, wouldn’t a somewhat equal partnership sound so much better? Then again maybe this is why I am nowhere near close to being married, maybe this is a trust thing or a pride thing. I can trust you but I am still going to question you from time to time, that’s just how I am. Hell, I have no issue if someone questions me, in fact, I expect it … if it is within reason lol. IJS I have no issue explaining why my way is the correct way. Then the way my pride is set up, I’m just not going to do what I’m told in order to “keep the peace” I just can’t sustain it, eventually, I would snap. I get picking battles here or there or compromising from time to time but just always doing what someone else tells me? Naw lol.

Maybe I am naive but I just feel like I could make my fake, imaginary spouse happy despite not doing everything she told me to do and vice versa. Maybe this makes me delusional though.

So I guess this is something that will come as I get older? I mean I am 35 and it hasn’t happened yet so who knows but that just sounds extremely difficult.

So to those women who feel like this is how it should be, hopefully, you will find men like the brother who made that comment on Twitter. Apparently, there are a lot of men who are ok with just shutting up and doing what they are told.  No hate from me, I have accepted my fate already. Better yet, as a former member of the military might, I suggest that you guys join a branch. Seriously, it’s obvious you have the mindset to do something like that lol. Hey there is no hate but you know I had to throw a little shade, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.

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