I need 20 dollars…

Dammit, twitter you got me again. Take a look at this thread. Nevermind we won’t even do all of that. I will just post one page of the texts.


Here is a summary of the “alleged” text conversation between a woman and her boyfriend. She asked her boyfriend for $20. He asked why and she said she needs it for the kid’s field trip and she said that the kids told her last minute. He responded that she should ask the fathers of the kids instead. He also said that because it was such short notice just tell the kids they can’t go. He then said that he can’t give her the money unless they are married. He then explained that she has 3 kids and 2 fathers for the kids so the onus should be on them. She then told him that if he wanted parts of her at the very least she could be able to come to him for help. She agreed that it was the Dad’s responsibility. She then told the BF that he was selfish and mean. She also brought up the fact that she was a single Mom for whatever reason and said that she will just borrow it from someone else. Then she claimed that she would have paid the BF back and he argued that she wouldn’t have because she used the term “give” lol.

So what do you guys think? Why only $20 for a trip for 2 kids? Does this mean she has all of the rest of the money and is only 20 short? That would literally be my first question.

Also before I continue I will not play the “what if roles were reversed” card. This isn’t what those texts were about. Sorry fellas, let’s stay on task lol, besides I can bring up a hypothetical later.

Let’s say I were the man in question and my GF sent me this text. Yes, I would have asked why does she need the money and would want to know how she came up with $20. If anyone asks me for money I think at the very least I should know the reason. I would also be curious as to how neither kid didn’t tell anyone about a field trip until the last minute and I would suggest that as a lesson to the kids they shouldn’t be allowed to go anyway. Hell, those days stuck at school with just the teacher while your classmates are on a field trip aren’t that bad. Plus it would be a great teaching moment lol, I bet the kids would do a better job telling you things in a timely manner afterward.

You know part of me feels like either this was a test by the GF to see what her BF is about or the $20 wasn’t for the kids but that’s just the conspiracist in me lol.

So yeah, back to that scenario. Let’s say I were the BF. I would give the $20 but make a mental note of it. Mainly because it could become a trend and if it does I would eventually just break up with her. Hell, I have been known to do similar things before. I had a woman ask for money multiple times and after a while, I just stopped dealing with her. I mean we both can’t be struggling lol, so I might as well be by myself and keep my little change (lol it made sense at the time). I also noticed in my experiences that often times if you keep helping people out with money they become dependent on it or expect you to continue giving money… and the amount increases. Then the fact that neither of the kid’s dad’s had the money? Oh nah, this will definitely become a pattern lol.

Which leads me to my next point. Men you need to reevaluate your ability to date, single women with children. I get it, the jokes are funny, yes they have the good snacks and the Capri Suns on deck but when you are dealing with a woman with kids you also have to deal and interact with the kids. It is a package deal as it should be. Seriously I say this all the time, a lot of us can’t afford to date or be in relationships and we shouldn’t. Hell, I imagine that some of you don’t have kids because you can’t afford them which makes sense (if only I were that smart lol). So why enter into a relationship that may require you to do something that you have already admitted you aren’t ready to handle, financially at least. No need to waste anyone’s time or make your life more stressful than it has to be.

So how do you guys feel about giving money to your BF/GF? Are we obligated to do so? Should they pay us back? How long have we been together before one can start asking? If he/she doesn’t give you the money is that a deal breaker no matter the reason?  Would you look at them differently after asking? I can’t lie, I’m very frugal. So after having to do it or being asked to give money multiple times will have me in ghost mode lol. I would take it as a sign that she is bad at budgeting or something. Maybe that’s why I can’t keep a woman or why I’m usually single. Oh yeah and not to confuse taking a woman on a date with giving money, or buying her gifts from time to time lol, that’s somewhat different in my opinion. Ok, so maybe it isn’t but I feel better doing it that way lol. Just something to think about, I imagine some of you have been through this before on both ends. Hell, I have heard stories of women paying a man’s child support lol, see it isn’t just exclusive to us fellas, it just probably happens to us more often.

I wonder if she eventually got that $20?


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