MJ versus Bron

What LeBron James did with his opening of the school in Akron, Ohio for underprivileged kids was amazing and unprecedented in my opinion(yes I am also aware of Jalen Rose and his academy). A very pivotal and positive moment for all of us, just not the parties involved.

However, more often than not, whenever you mention LeBron James people tend to also mention Michael Jordan. However this time for once, everyone seems to agree that LeBron is better lol.

Now I have no dog in this fight and if you ask me who the “GOAT” is depending on the day I will either say Wilt Chamberlain or Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

What I found interesting is that I began to see memes like these being posted and a lot of negative commentary about MJ.

Of course to add fuel to the fire President Trump had to comment and say that he likes MJ more than Bron and all hell broke loose. It doesn’t matter if Mike asked him to say it or not. Once you somehow gets associated with Trump you become public enemy number one to black people lol. If Trump said he is a fan of your parent’s some of us would contemplate disowning our parents lol, ok maybe that’s a reach but it damn sure feels that way.

So let’s take a look at Jordan’s history. First of all with the shoe thing. It’s not his fault people want to pay a lot of money and buy the same damn shoes over and over. Consumers set the market and price point and it’s our fault. If we didn’t buy them he wouldn’t sell them so high lol. It’s also not his fault people were killing people over the shoes… unless he put the guns in their hands.

I’ll say this once and I’ll say it again. We appoint people as heroes and leaders because they are talented, rich and look like us. Not sure why because we don’t really know them and more often than not they let us down. We expect more from these people than our parent’s, friends, family, elected officials and more importantly ourselves which I find hilarious.

So back to MJ. Let’s see what he has done for his “community”.

After his father died Jordan donated 2 million dollars to create a Boys & Girls center in Chicago. Jordan also donated 5 million dollars to the Smithsonian African American History and Culture Museum. He also donated a million dollar grants a piece to law enforcement community relations and a million to the NAACP legal defense fund. Jordan also donated 7 million dollars to launch 2 medical clinics in Charlotte, NC. Jordan also after winning an 8.9 million dollar settlement against Safeway pledged to donate all of it to 23 nonprofit agencies in Chicago. On top of that by being an owner of a NBA team and having Jordan brand he has hired hundreds of black people and in fact, has had multiple black presidents of his company.

So is that enough? I imagine he probably has done even more but these are the well-documented ones. So does that meet everyone’s high standards? You see that’s what annoys me about people. We love counting other people’s money and we love judging them. Lol but what about us, what did we do or what have we done? We then find ourselves playing the “if” game. If I were him/her or that rich I would do x,y,z. Lol ok, you, the same person who won’t even pay the extra dollar to donate to a charity for Amazon or you who walks past the homeless daily or you who won’t even volunteer to help those less privileged. I’m supposed to believe that if your circumstances were different you would do more. Oh ok.

Don’t get me wrong, it has been documented how selfish Jordan can be. No one will ever forget his “Republicans buy shoes too” quote (even though all politicians are corrupt in my opinion no matter the party) but let’s not forget how LeBron wouldn’t speak on Tamir Rice who was killed in his state while he was a member of the Cavaliers.

Not saying that to throw shade but just to let you know something that we seem to forget once we make these people heroes. They are human and flawed. They have their own beliefs and values and will make mistakes. Stop holding them to this crazy standard and stop worshipping them. I have always felt like this in regards to people with fame or wealth. As long as they do whatever they feel is right and the giving comes from their heart I am ok with it. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Doing something is better than talking about what the next man is or isn’t doing. Doing something is better than giving a hypothetical explanation of what you would do in the same situation with the same resources. Doing something is better than just making a post about it on social media.

You also know that you can celebrate one person without tearing down another? I’m just saying. Lol and yeah in regards to Trump there is an old saying, “He who angers you controls you”. Stop giving him that energy, he feeds off of it and at the same time it takes away from you. Makes you even more angry, negative and frustrated when you don’t have to be.

Oh yeah, and do your research before you go on rants about people. Just like the Michael Jordan owning prisons thing, or him saying he doesn’t care about kids dying over his shoes. The shoe myth was debunked and the Michael Jordan who owns prisons is white and an Oregon lawmaker.

Lol and no I’m not a Jordan stan. I don’t even buy those expensive ass shoes 😂. Maybe you should do the same.

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