Celebrity Thirst…

Pretty sure I wrote about this before but… oh well.

With Creed 2 coming out and the subsequent thirst that comes from women over a shirtless Michael B. Jordan, I’m reminded of a date I had with an ex, many moons ago lol.

I took her to see Best Man Holiday and every time Morris Chestnut popped up on the screen she made a little “uhh” noise. I let it slide but eventually, I had to let her know that if she “uhh” one more time, she is going to have to ask Morris or someone else to take her ass home from our date lol. Now I said that in jest… maybe but Hell, it annoyed me. Was I being insecure or were my comments justified?

Don’t even matter, it was justified because I was annoyed & come on, 5 or 6 times was overkill. So I say all of this to ask. Men and women, how do you feel when your significant other thirsts over famous or popular people?

So ladies you’re on IG and the following section shows your boo followed and like several pics from a woman names “TheReal” or some screenname like that. You click to see who the person is and it’s some very thick and attractive woman who is usually half-naked in her pics, a model or public figure, has thousands of followers, has booking info and probably a premium snap or website that shows more “personal” or “intimate” pics of her.

So what makes you upset or annoyed? Is it that he followed the page? The multiple likes? Maybe he uses emojis or makes thirsty comments under the pics?

We all have our own set of rules and requirements and I’ll be honest. I would most definitely be annoyed if my significant other was just outwardly thirsting or complimenting someone in that manner. Reposting pics of them. Even more so if I didn’t get the same treatment. Like damn, at least don’t make me look bad or give me some respect.

So here is where I attempt to play Devil’s advocate. These women online don’t want your man, hell, Y’all barely like us half of the time. Let’s just say that we usually aren’t “financially” their type. So the odds of anything happening are slim to none. Dude probably can barely afford to pay for a vacation for Y’all… he damn sure can’t afford to buy her a bag or fly her out or whatever it is these women may ask for.

Plus, all jokes aside some of these women are about their business, whatever that entails and if you can’t help them reach their goals they don’t want your cliche ass “compliments” anyway. As a matter of fact, the only way you probably would be noticed is a negative comment and that would be followed with a block or a roast session from her followers.

I’m not really big on giving advice but fellas I would suggest maybe just a few likes here or there and leave it at that lol.

So now it’s time for the “well they do it too” crowd ✊🏾

See I didn’t forget about you brothers lol.

As you read from my story earlier not only will women do it too but they will do it in your face and see no issue with it lol. The same woman used in my first story used to love Idris Elba. Now look at me and look at Idris. The only thing we have in common is that we are both males and black. Different builds, complexion, financial worth, everything lol.

So yeah, when I commented on the thirst I usually heard, ” we would never meet”, “he has a woman”, “I’m not his type” or “you’re being insecure “. Then there was my favorite, most women aren’t like that, we are just looking and admiring… respectfully. I’m just being a fan.

Of course, I would never respond because I know better, responding only leads to arguments more than likely. However, in hindsight, I would have probably responded in a sarcastic way. Like on some, true, you probably aren’t his type, I mean look at who he is with and look at you. Also yes he is with someone and we know how faithful men are right? Lol and no I’m not being insecure, I trust you, I just don’t trust them.

Lol, all of these responses would have ended badly.

I suppose in hindsight I did overreact? However part of me is like if it isn’t an issue and I ask you to stop why couldn’t you? (I have been guilty of this in other areas smh) Plus the same way that women would see us liking other women who look or are built nothing like them and feel insecure, there could be the same impact for men. Like, am I really your type? Ironically I think the next dude she talked to was dark skinned lol.

It’s all good though. I’m older now and I do realize that I was being a bitch and needed to lighten up. I am also at this stage in my life where I just don’t care anymore about things like that and if for whatever reason it did bother me that much I would just leave the person I’m with lol.

However to those of you who it may matter to or those of you who have a significant other who cares about it you have to chill. Just out of respect for the person you claim to care about.

In the meantime I hope you ladies enjoy Creed 2 and fellas if you can’t handle it I suggest you don’t go to the movie, thirst equally over Tessa Thompson or remind your lady of those nude pics that leaked of Michael B Jordan lol.

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