Different year, same shit

These new years resolutions… as I scrolled Instagram I noticed a few similar posts. The “some people only have a few days left to know or speak to me” posts and those “this is the year I’m having a successful relationship” posts.


I never understood why people waited to cut people off on that day… let me guess, for dramatic effect? Maybe you want to give them a few days to get it together and change…as if that’s really going to happen. Lol or deep down inside you really don’t want to cut them off. Which is cool, just stop lying to yourselves.

Then there is my this is the year I get in that successful relationship” crowd. Be careful with that. While I’m all about putting things in the universe sometimes I feel as if we try to speed up the process or become so adamant that what we want to happen will happen, we choose incorrectly. Be real, how many times have you overlooked signs or stay with someone longer than you should have or kept giving them chances just because you told yourself this next relationship was going to be “the last one”.

I wrote the previous paragraphs Saturday in preparation for my New Years Eve blog post. However, as I sat here attempting to finish up today and scrolling on IG I saw this post.

Well damn, that’s kind of mean. As I read back over what I had written previously I realized that my tone was negative, judgmental and damn near scathing. No different than that IG post. Why tho? This is so ugly and hateful in my opinion. Why should I rain on folks parade?

You know, as I get older I think that adults view New Years almost like kids view Christmas. It’s like kids make a wishlist of all the gifts that they want and send to Santa, meanwhile, adults make a list of the things that they want to change or accomplish and post them on IG lol. So you went from wishing for a bike, dolls and gaming consoles to wishing for weight loss, healthy/happy relationships, and to cut people off. I get it and I understand…

It’s like New Years gives you hope and a fresh start.

Now I admit it. The cynic in me wants to say that, “yall been saying this shit for years and haven’t changed a damn thing, so I doubt that this year will be different.

However, in the spirit of change, I’m not going that route. Instead, I am going to acknowledge the fact that at least you guys know that you need to make some changes. Like, that’s a major start. Some, Hell most of us don’t even want to acknowledge or realize that our way of doing things is wrong because well, “that’s just the way we are” lol.

So to those of you wishing to get in shape, make better choices in the opposite sex, travel more, make more money, be more selfish or whatever it is I wish you the best. I also hope that in the process of making these changes you realize that you may have slip ups but that’s ok. When you backslide don’t beat yourself up or give up. Just acknowledge the mistake and get back on track.

Personally, I’m not big on having accountability partners but maybe that extra voice will help you stay on track. This just doesn’t apply to fitness goals, this applies to everything. Maybe you need a friend to say “girl you always pick dudes like him, know he is full of shit, deal anyway and then play victim afterward knowing what was going to happen so stop it” or maybe you need a friend to say “bruh, yes the pussy is good but you know she crazy, you know y’all don’t want the same thing, so don’t answer that text and just leave her ass alone”. That was specific as Hell wasn’t it? Lol, mind your business.

I’m also a fan of writing things down. My father used to always tell me to write things down, I lowkey think he did that because he thought I was a little slow but I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah, writing things or goals down. I clown you ladies vision board parties but they too can be helpful. Maybe you need to see what your plans and goals are on a daily basis. It’s no different than me writing things down on my dry erase board or my excel spreadsheets or in my journal.

Long story short, have some sort of plan along with these resolutions and maybe we will be able to do a better job to stick to them this time.

So yeah, I wish all of you a Happy New Year and I really do hope that whatever goals you have they actually come to fruition. I’m rooting for y’all. Let’s hope that 2019 is the beginning of something great for all of you.

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