Martin & Gina goals?

So about a month ago I got rid of cable and started to use my firestick instead. Let’s just say, this has been a gift and a curse. The gift is that I no longer is that I don’t have to worry about that bill but the curse is that there are so many channels that I have access to now. For example, there are actually channels that show certain TV shows such as Gunsmoke, Seinfeld, The Wonder Years, Martin, etc. So there are days where I will find myself sitting on my lazy butt, binge-watching these shows as if I have nothing else better to do with my life.

One of the shows that I binge watched happened to be Martin and it made me think. Why do these people say that Martin & Gina were relationship goals when in all honesty, I imagine that a lot of you have similar relationships in comparison to Martin & Gina. I read a blog post where someone commented on them not being relationship goals and while I agreed on some level, the post was so one-sided that I became annoyed. When I watched the show I saw two flawed individuals, who could be petty, played too many games and could be annoying as Hell but for better or worse they dealt with each other’s shit, found love and eventually were married.

So let’s address this first. I have seen multiple memes like this over the internet.


Lol, first of all, yall know some of you are too sensitive to take half the jokes Martin had about Gina and vice versa. Also, let’s not be so naive to forget that there were levels to that relationship.

So let’s examine this relationship. Martin and Gina were a young couple in their 20’s, who lived in Detroit. Gina was an ad executive and Martin was a radio host. Martin was also very short. See, strike 1 right there for a lot of you, Martin is 5’7 and we know half of you women are not that fond of my short brothers lol. Another thing that I noticed, Martin’s friends (Tommy & Cole) and Gina’s friend (Pam) were always around and in their business. Now let’s be real, one of the leading causes of breakups have to be the dumb ass advice that your friends give you lol. Pam always telling Gina to leave Martin, Cole always telling Martin to do or to assume stupid stuff, I’m not sure how they survived that. Not to mention that their presence always escalated minor disagreements between each other. Be real, how many times have your friends told you to leave someone, or cheat, or do something trifling?

I haven’t even started going into some of the episodes yet, so let me take a look into those. We have Martin sharing personal things about his woman and relationship on the radio. Just embarrassing his woman in public lol. What’s the equivalent of that for us? Posting our business on Facebook or something? Either way, that would be tough to come back from but most of you guys would forgive and forget, right?

Martin finds out that Gina makes more money than him. Not an issue for you ladies and men is it? You wouldn’t hold it over your man’s head, would you? This wouldn’t make you look at him differently? Fellas you would still feel secure as a man wouldn’t you?

The parents hated them on both sides. Martin’s Mom and Gina’s father. Would you still deal with someone your father or mother doesn’t like?

Gina catches… well thinks that she caught Martin cheating but he really wasn’t. Would you ladies be so forgiving when he said he didn’t do anything? Better yet, fellas, if she called you a liar and said its over, would you go ahead and smash someone else?

Thanks to the egging on of their nosey ass friends, Martin and Gina end up breaking up, seeing other people and eventually, Martin gets Gina back. So fellas, would you fight to get your woman back like Martin did, especially if you didn’t feel as if you did anything wrong? Better yet, after seeing her out with another man. I’m just saying, pride is a bitch at times. Also, ladies, if you saw your ex with a new woman or met someone who looked good on paper would you go back to your ex?

This episode always confused me. The one where Gina, with the advice of Pam, tells Martin she was going to take a job in New York, only to see how he reacts because she doesn’t want to go. Based off of Martin’s reaction (due to the advice of one of his friends) she decides to go and it ends with Martin giving the most passive-aggressive proposal since Jagged Edge’s – Let’s get married hook lol. I’m sorry, that song is cool and all but you have to admit that “we ain’t gettin no younger we might as well do it” ain’t exactly the most romantic proposal ever lol. So we have Gina and Martin playing games and making decisions based off of advice from friends and it leads to another “break up”. So ladies what would you do? Fellas?

Martin loses his job. Ladies, would you hold your man down while he was unemployed? Fellas, would you be able to focus or feel secure enough to remain in a relationship knowing that you currently couldn’t provide for yourself or your woman?

Martin leaves because of not having a job, depression and other issues. Ladies, would you try to find him?

I could keep going but you get my point. They went through a lot of stuff. They not only had ups, but they had downs and it wasn’t always a fun and “goofy” time between them.

Think about some of the things or reasons that you have stopped talking to or dealing with someone over? I once stopped talking to a woman because… nevermind lol but you get my point.

So would I personally deal with some of the things Martin & Gina dealt with? Hell no, in my opinion, they probably should have broken up and remained broken up during the first season. Then again, maybe the point of the show was that relationships aren’t perfect or easy and that they require effort and some level of understanding in order to succeed.

I mean look at how it ended, Martin became a success doing TV, and Gina ended up running her own department and they were relocating to a new city. So maybe they are goals. My bad, as you were lol.

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