Balentine’s Day

So let's look into it. The type of people or posts we usually see on Valentine's day. Excuse me, Balentine's day, the B is for bitter. I'll try to only do 5.

Different year, same shit

You know, as I get older I think that adults view New Years almost like kids view Christmas. It's like kids make a wishlist of all the gifts that they want and send to Santa, meanwhile, adults make a list of the things that they want to change or accomplish and post them on IG lol. So you went from wishing for a bike, dolls and gaming consoles to wishing for weight loss, healthy/happy relationships, and to cut people off.

Celebrity Thirst…

Pretty sure I wrote about this before but... oh well. With Creed 2 coming out and the subsequent thirst that comes from women over a shirtless Michael B. Jordan, I'm reminded of a date I had with an ex, many moons ago lol. I took her to see Best Man Holiday and every time Morris …

Holiday excuses

For those who always ask… why don’t you celebrate

The Reluctant Optimist

Well, it’s that time of the year again, the Holiday season. November, December, and January (the hell with Halloween). Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, followed by New Years, what a time.

To the few of you that know me well, you know that I am not a holiday person at all. My Mother can’t stand it and in my defense, I wasn’t really that bad until my father died in 2003. It just doesn’t feel the same and never will. Then it hit me again in 2009 during my son’s first Christmas and I couldn’t really afford to buy him anything. Probably one of the lower moments in my adult life. Since I didn’t like sharing these reasons with everyone I decided to get more creative over the years and incorporate more logic as to why I do not like the holidays.

I first came up with the whole “commercialization” of…

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