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Am I emotionally unavailable?

If I hear something about myself enough at the very least it will make me do some self-evaluation. Not necessarily because I value the opinions of those who are giving it, but to inform them that they are wrong lol. I hate being labeled. Good or bad, can't stand it. Especially if you don't know… Continue reading Am I emotionally unavailable?

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How do you show love?

Learn how people love you...or like you or show interest. Contrary to popular belief there isn't always a universal or exact sign or action that proves someone loves you, is serious about you or just wasting your time. Outside of them just telling you at least. I have heard men and women give an interesting… Continue reading How do you show love?

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You deserve to get your time wasted…

Maybe he is a fuckboy...maybe she is superficial. You still have to invite these people into your life in order to be manipulated or taken advantage of. I am not talking about the chameleons. You know the ones who can fake or pretend to be "your type". I understand not being able to pick up on… Continue reading You deserve to get your time wasted…